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I know this topic often gets debated over mommy groups and a lot of mommies have different views about this. Much like Scary Mommy, we stand naked in front our our children. 

WHY? Okay first, before you raise your brows on me, I would like to cite our reasons. This was a mutual decision between me and baby daddy so…

Our body is a natural thing; it is something given to us by God that we have to cherish it. We want the kids to feel comfortable about themselves and about their body and the way to do it is how we normally do it at home. We go take a bath and dress up and also our kids and not minding we stand naked in front of them--think of Adam and Eve and the creation in the Bible. 

FEED THE CURIOUS MIND. When kids start to ask questions like why, how and what, that is the right time to educate them about the anatomy and physiology of our body. AGAIN, you have to explain it to them like how it was explained in our Science books, NO MALICE. The key in doing it is you have to engage them in conversation in order for you to know the extent of their knowledge about our body. My kids started to ask questions when they turned 4ish when they knew that their body parts are different from us. 

EDUCATE. This is where you tell them who are the only persons allowed to touch our body. You also have to tell them about the boundaries. My kids wear whatever they want here at home because that is how they are comfortable with. But if there are visitors, they immediately rush to their rooms and get their clothes changed. Teach them what is the appropriate outfit for every occasion. 

OPEN COMMUNICATION. As the grow older, they will throw more questions. Do not curtail their curiosity. Engage them in conversation so that they will feel confident to share sensitive issues regarding their body as soon as they age. Also, remind them that our body is not something to be shared to others. We also tell our children not to make fun or tell jokes about our body and don’t get that idea to shame others. 

Again, I am sharing with you our stand regarding this. I respect your family’s decision about this because to each his own. 


  1. Youre right mommy. We go to bath togwther . Kasi satin nag uumpisa ang malisya.they tend to ask.questions too and ebwn explain to my daughter of not allowing anybody to touch her ( you knw waht i mean mommy ) mahirap na these days kaya atleast aware sya. With my eldest naman na boy 9, we dont go to the bathroom kasi i let him na to be responsible. He ask few questions and maganda na nakkapag explain tayu..

    1. As parents, we need to educate more our kids and open din ang communication. Hindi na rin kami nagsasabay ng eldest ko at medyo nahihiya na siya pero I see to it na sinasabi niya sakin nangyayari sa katawan niya. That way also alam natin if something is wrong with their body. :)

      Thank you sa pagbasa. :)

  2. I agree that open communication is key. It’s better that children get answers to their questions from parents than from other sources that may feed them wrong guidance.

  3. My kids are boys and much as I've been okay being naked in front of them when they were younger, now, it feels awkward, especially that I have a 13 year old this month. Parang matanda na sha hahaha

  4. I used to take a bath with my kids but now hindi na. Hehe. No malice though since my kids are girls. I'm just not sure how to handle it if I have a son, so thanks for sharing this :)

  5. That is true, pag walang malisya sa adults, wala ring malisya sa kids. :)

  6. I also get dressed in front of Gwen. Ini-explain ko rin na ok lang with girls but not in front of boys, para lang alam nya yung limits.

  7. Good point mommy. May tama ka! Ako nagpapalit pa ng damit sa harap ng anak ko, but not totally naked (medyo nahihiya na din ako)

  8. We also took a bath together (as a family) when my daughter was younger and till now, we are not afraid to dress-up in front of each other. Of course, we taught her that there's a dividing line also especially with other people such as friends and classmates, most especially people she doesn't know.

  9. I agree, to each their own. I know a few people who are okay being naked in front of their kids and that's fine with me. I myself change clothes in front of my son every now and then but going totally naked in front of my kid was something i considered though.

  10. I don't find anything wrong about being naked but when your kids get older, when they become teens like mine, we all have to have that kind of privacy.

  11. At the age of 5, tinuruan ko na si kuya and Chelsea na wag magbihis Ng may tao including me at yung tatay nila.
    Ning maliit sila, yes sabay kami maligo and magbihis pero yun nga pagdating Ng age 5 tinuruan ko na sila. Same din na di kami naked or nagpapalit ng damit na nakaharap sila.
    When they asked bakit, pinaliwanag ko talaga sa kanila na it's a good practice habang bata pa sila.

  12. I agree, sabay kami naliligo ng daughter ko. I just don't how to deal with my upcoming bundle of joy lalo na lalaki. Pag bata naman ok lang. :)


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