Am I allowed to have a wishlist? Geez the last time I had a wishlist was when I was 10 years old way back elementary years I guess. I don't have a vivid recollection what happened to my wishlist wayback. Anyhow, I guess it's not bad to have one. 

Sigma make up brushes. I would lovvve a new set of make up brushes but right now it's too steep for me to have one. 

Ipad. I'd love to have one for my kids. Since my ipod 3rd gen has a small screen and I don't want my phone to be abused, I want a little entertainment for my babies. It will be a big help for me during out of town trips when they get bored inside the car. 
Dresser. I would love to have this so I can organize my make up and accessories especially now that I have a little girl to share it with ( yes I am already looking forward to it). I would like a customized dresser but I think I will need to look for a shop who makes furnitures.

Underwater camera. J and I wants to try underwater shots. Hence the wishlist. But I guess since I need to bid goodbye to my 3 year old PS cam I might also use this as a handy cam whenever I have the need to capture a moment with my kids.

Business. As a SAHM I would like something that would keep me busy and going aside from being busy with my kids and housekeeping.

Yoga. I hope I can enroll next year in a yoga class. 

Out of the country trip with J and the kids.

House. I would want to move to a new place, new neighbors since my kids are growing up so fast and I would like them to enjoy the joy of being a kid in a peaceful neighborhood. (I wonder if J would agree to this Hello Kitty house)?

Good Health for my family.

    Now I would knock Santa's door for my wishlist. I am looking forward for a better 2013 for me and my family. 

    How about you? Do you have a wishlist? Share yours.

    Till my next post.


    Just like other ladies and kids out there I am also a kid at heart. And yes I love Hello Kitty eversince I was a kid. The person who greatly influenced me with kitty stuffs is my dear best friend. I remembered we used to exchange stuffs when we were in high school and bought kitty stuffs twice a month with our pocket money. Now I couldn't share kitty stuffs with her because she moved to the States with her husband. I will now have to influence my daughter with Hello Kitty stuffs and now I know why God gave me a daughter so soon.

    And because it's Hello Kitty all over I feel like she needs a little space on my blog hence my post. When I was a kid I asked my dad if he can build me a mini hello kitty house where me and my sister can play but all he said was yes and ending up with broken promises. I remember when I was in college I saw a body size Hello kitty which that time costs php3,000. I asked my mom to buy it for me but all she said was, anlaki mo na maglalaro ka pa niyan? Maybe it was steep for her to give me an expensive gift like that. Again, I only get to display small sizes of Hello Kitty stuffed toys at home.

    Gifts from J the soldier bear which he got from Baguio and the Hello Kitty stuffed toy


    Three years ago, J surprised me a Hello Kitty gift which was mailed at my doorstep. Because I spent my holidays in my hometown so the credits of surprising me went to the mailman. *wink* But still, I got giddy that time because he knows how to paint a happy face in me.

    And now the most awaited moment, a visit to the Hello Kitty Land in SM North which will make my 2012 a memorable one. J finally granted my request to visit North EDSA despite his busy schedule he managed to squeeze it in (love love)! It was worth it despite the heavy traffic.

    Here are the photos with my little girl.

    Hello Kitty volks

    Mimmy and Kitty's house
    Mama and Papa
    Grandpa and Grandma
    The bakeshop
    cakes to drool for 

    Hi there Hello Kitty!

    Even the elevator has decals

    A good friend gave me this when she visited me. Thank you so much for this!

    These are just some of my simple happiness that I can't outgrow. They are totally priceless. Thanks love for granting my wish. 

    How about you? What is your favorite character? I'd like to hear it too.

    As a nurse, as much as possible I don't wanna get sick. In my years of existence, I have never been hospitalized (Thank God!) except of course me giving birth to my kids. Primarily I chose this profession because I like taking care of sick people. Becoming a medical doctor was even one of my dreams. But sadly due to some issues didn't push through.

    Image from google
    Before I became a a full time mom, I work as a CV-SICU nurse in Makati Med and handled broken hearted patients (open heart surgery patients) then resigned and worked as a stay in private nurse for a diabetic businessman British national based in Makati. Planned of going abroad got the visas ready and waiting for the flight but I guess God has made other plans for me and gave me two little bunch of joy.

    A gift from one of our post by pass patient. He gave each one of us a box of brownies.

    My charge nurse and the intensivist on duty

    One night duty. Yes I only have 3 patients.

    I miss my telemetry family

    Being a patient is very grueling. That's why for some reasons I don't blame some of my patients before why they chose not to visit a hospital. Anyhow, I'd like to share with you my hospital visits.

    Image from google
    Second quarter of year 2010 was my first, when I was pregnant with my first born son. It was during my second trimester, J and I went on a trip in Dagupan and ordered kinilaw seafoods in one of the local restaurants there and ate to our hearts desire. We forgot that during that time there was a red tide ban all over the area. When we're back in Manila, I was on duty already but to my luck patient hasn't arrived yet from his out of the country business trip then I began to experience abdominal cramps and eventually loose bowels. It took me the fifth time before I finally decided to go to the hospital thinking I still can manage myself and self medicate. But because I was pregnant that time, I opted ER consult already and went to MMC. The main management for me was to monitor my baby and give me IV meds. If only I have the guts to insert my own IV I could've done it already. During that time J was at the office and I could hardly contact him due to network issues. I was alone and helpless I was really feeling feeble that time. They took blood samples and asked for a urine sample but I couldn't provide one since I am already dehydrated due to loose bowels. I overheard a resident said "if you can't provide urine sample in 30 minutes we will do a straight catheterization." Just imagine how painful it is to have a catheter and pregnant women are prone to infection now she's going to do a straight cath? I don't know how these residents were trained but I don't think they should be tough with patients. Three hours later finally I was able to contact J and he was surprised that I was in the hospital and minutes later he was already there. Thank God I feel secured now. They advised J confinement for observation but I refused! Because the only thing they would do is to monitor me, rehydrate with IV fluids and talk to residents and repeat history every after shift. Might as well take care of myself. So we went home and asked for take home meds instead.

    Image from google

    Last quarter of 2010 was my second hospital visit when I gave birth to my first born. I was lucky during that time because I was able to get a private room. I gave birth in the province so the hospital bills are way cheaper than in Manila. J even decided to upgrade the private room to suite because my mom and my sister wants to sleep in the hospital also to see my little boy. I don't know if it's just me being a patient observant of things but if you get a suite room the service of the people are way beyond because their perception is that you have a big pocket. But sometimes it doesn't always happen like that. There are times that patient gets to avail a suite room because it is the only available room left and even it is way out of their budget. When I call the nurses and asked for my pain killers in a matter of minutes they are already knocking on our door and so with the midwives and orderlies. When I checked out, the orderlies offered to wheel me and voluntarily offered a trolley for our stuff.

    Third hospital visit was when I gave birth to my little girl late January of this year. I gave birth same hospital as my son but unfortunately I didn't get the same room accommodation. The hospital that time was under renovation so there were scarcity of rooms for patients. In short, I ended up in a ward room. Mind you, it was very inconvenient especially for post CS like me. Whenever I want to go to the bathroom and the urge of peeing, I'd end up using bedpan instead. Good thing my bed is close to the restroom but still it's very uncomfortable for me because I need to share the restroom with 8 patients. I can feel the unfair treatment of the nurses for patients in ward because they don't seem to care and treat you as if you can't pay your hospital bills. Whenever you ask to change your IV fluids it took them hours before they come to check on you. J was sitting on a bench with no cushion and even the IV stands are also made of wood. I feel like i'm confined in a remote area. When I was discharged I still have to request for a wheelchair and trolley and nobody offered to wheel me towards the drop off area of the hospital.

    These instances shouldn't be happening but I guess it's really hard to bend and break what has been going on already. It's just so frustrating how my co-professionals treat other patients. I don't mind being treated that way but I just pity those patients who doesn't know their rights. I just hope that system in this country would change.

    Did you happen to experience the same? How did you deal with it?

    Till my next post.


    How will I do this?

    This was the question in my mind months ago that somehow I managed to provide answers as each day goes by.

    Being a stay at home mom is one of the most difficult jobs. Since you will have to juggle between parenting, housekeeping, a good cook, good wife and also budget officer and you try your best not to fail these responsibilities.

    Who doesn't want these clean and tidy rooms?
    Image from google

    Image from google

    But first let me share with you some of my nanny mishaps.

    Nanny 1: 23 years old. I got her from an agency when I interviewed her, I asked if she was pregnant and negate the fact. So being a trusting me, I didn't ask for pregnancy test because her agent vouched for her. But there were times she was nauseated at home and worsens when we have out of town trips and vomits every after meal but claims to have stomach upset and she eats during the wee hours in the morning. Several months later I was surprised to see her tummy got big like a pregnant woman and she made up stories for me to terminate her contract. In short, I threw away my agency deposit because she didn't reach the 6 month period. Agency offered replacement for the nanny but I opted not to continue the contract anymore.

    Nanny 2: 45 years old. Lasted for a week only. She didn't like her job. 

    Nanny 3: 18 years old. Lasted for a week also. I terminated her due to smoking (major), a meddler, used my laptop without permission.

    Nanny 4: 25 years old: Lasted for 7 months until she eloped with her boyfriend. When she decided to come back, she asked for fare but didn't show up. 

    Nanny 5: 18 years old: Lasted for 2 weeks until I terminated her because she pinched my son in front of me and sleeps while she carries my daughter. 

    Nanny 6: 25 years old. Lasted for a week also. Left because of her family issues.

    Now it's really frustrating to look for a good nanny these days due to the above mentioned. I made a lits of the advantages and disadvantages in getting household help.

    1. Extra hand in doing chores and keeping house tidy and clean. But in my case, it is more of a disadvantage since they don't clean and keep it tidy despite the instructions and trainings. (So more of disadvantage for me).
    2. You can leave your children when you have important events/seminars/trainings to attend to. But in my case, I am not comfortable leaving my kids around with my helper no matter the trust. (Again a disadvantage).
    3. You can send someone an errand just in case you have couch potato days. In my case, no matter how I repeat my instructions they still tend to fail. 
    1. Additional cost. These days all around maid demand for higher salary also but not even proportionate to their accomplishments. It's not only the salary that would take part on the monthly budget but also includes their food, electricity and water consumption.
    2. Ruined schedule. No matter how I tell them to inform me in advance when they plan to have their day off/vacation still they win the argument and I am at the losing end.
    3. Unconcerned attitude. Some really don't treat you like family no matter how you treat them well. They don't do their jobs well and I have to repeat instructions over and over again. The attitude of feeling like you have unlimited supply in your house. 
    4. Broken appliances. Most of them doesn't posses a finesse  attitude and often leave me with broken home appliances. I have two broken stand fan with Nanny 1 in a span of two weeks. A broken freezer door in a month time.
    5. Missing things. No matter how I tell them and delegate the task of checking for completeness of my baby's stuff especially during out of town trips, still there are missing toys and clothes. 
    6. Discolored clothes. This I get alot, especially if they are too lazy enough to sort out the laundry.
    7. Meddler. I don't like helpers who act like researchers when they ask questions especially personal ones.
    These might be petty things for me but as I have said, I wouldn't want to fail in some of my responsibilities especially with my family. By doing so, it took me days and months to think of ways how to survive a house without extra help. Somehow, we (J and I) enjoy ourselves without even modulating our voices if we talk about sensitive matters. I wouldn't bother also scattering personal/valuable items on each corner of the house.

    I would like to share with you some tips that worked for me on housekeeping.
    1. Plan your week/day ahead. 
    2. Distribute the chores on each day to prevent burn outs. 
    3. Practice the habit of finishing a certain task immediately.
    4. Multi-task. I am sure alot of SAHMs are good in this part. 
    5. Involve your toddler in some of the chores. Provide them space in your house where they can scatter their toys and where they can keep them. Make sure to acknowledge their good actions.
    6. Be an example. You can teach your toddler/hubby of how you do things and how you clean the house.
    7. Identify clean/dirty. For you to be able to achieve a clean house, you need an extra pair of eyes to see the areas that needs cleaning already. You can teach your toddler these things.
    8. Delegate. We are not superwomen. We need help also from our partners. Delegate him some tasks at home. (Removing cubwebs, throwing trash, washing dishes) 
    9. Rest. As much as we want to finish everything we have to admit we are not machines. Our body gets burned out also. We need to take at least an hour or so to rest and spend a little "me time".
    10. Reward yourself with a little retail therapy and pampering. 

    My baby boy busy sweeping the floor after eating

    Hope some of these tips would help. 

     What about you? How do manage your house? Share your thoughts.

    Insect bite marks has always been a problem with my little boy. He is prone to mosquito bites I guess because of skin color and it bothers me when he has alot of bite marks all over his legs and even his abdomen. I tried to use alot of creams for him but what bothers me most is the discoloration after the swelling is gone. I have tried already the very famous cebo de macho but to no avail.
    Photo courtesy of google images
    I searched for a natural remedy for him which is readily available at home - calamansi. Tried it on him for 3 weeks now and I am so amazed how his skin lightens without any signs of irritation and the insect marks are gradually disappearing. I use it also for my little girl during her bath mix it with water and her skin also lightens as well.

    Calamansi/Calamondin is also known for other benefits:
    • Reduces/eliminates stinky fish smell. 
    • Serves as a bleaching agent for dark underarms.
    • Eliminates body odors.
    • Serves as seasoning to some dishes.
    • Reduces dandruff.
    • Relieves colds and cough.

    How about you? What are your home remedies?

    Til my next post.


    As a mom I have been trying and looking for some ways to make my kids' day a productive one and at least to learn new things and at the same time our bonding time. I have been trying my best to limit their TV time as it has also downside aside from kids learning something from it. The other day I thought of buying a finger paint something I did when I taught preschool last year. This time I will try it out with my little boy and will see how it goes with him.

    Materials needed:
    • apron, if not available try a sando bag and cut the bottom part and the sides for your kid to wear it like a shirt
    • finger paint
    • tape
    • tissue paper
    • scrap paper/back part of calendar

     Here's the finger paint I got from a store near our place.

    My baby boy in action. I let him paint on the floor for easy cleaning.

    The finished artwork hanging on our wall

    This is the fist time I introduced him paints and he loved it! The next time we will do it is I'd probably get smaller cans of paint because he doesn't stop until the paint doesn't run out.

    What are the activities you do with your kids? 

    Till next.



    It's the time of the month again that my estrogen and progesterone are doing their functions and one downside to a mom like me who has still lots of chores to finish. There are two kids also waiting for their bath time and cuddle time before they go to sleep. But still their mom is too lazy to even get up from couching on the bed.

    Now I have to think of ways again to lessen the time that I need to spend in the kitchen to prepare the food without compromising the outcome. Hence the sarsiado recipe. I'd like the sarsiado recipe to have a little sauce on it because my baby boy loves soups a lot and this was an instant hit for him. He finished a cup and a half of rice or maybe he is just so hungry? Well, either way.

    It is also the time of the year where we feel the spirit of giving and sharing. A good friend is celebrating her first year anniversary for her love of baking this December thus she is sponsoring a giveaway of her goodies.

    It's so easy to join. 
    All you have to do is the following:

    Just like her page here.

    2. SHARE the photo above on your timeline which must be set to PUBLIC view.

    3. COMMENT "done" on this photo.

     4. Only one raffle entry per LIKE and SHARE. Don't forget to comment please.

    5. Winner will be drawn using and announced on December 11, 2012 .

    6. Winner will be notified through PM and prize will be shipped for FREE anywhere in the Philippines.


    Till my next post.


    When my son turned two, he shows alot of improvement especially in his vocabulary and I admire him for showing interests in books. With a SAHM like me with no nanny I usually stretch my time in a day to bond with my kids and enough time to cuddle them plus my responsibilities as a mom and wife. So I would end up staying up late to finish my chores and wake up early morning to prepare the day ahead.

    I love buying books from Booksale for my kids since they are cheap and with good quality and won't hurt your pocket as well. I got several books for my kids and this book is my baby boy's favorite. Despite the overcrowding of pictures in the pages, he can still identify the pictures. Eversince we bought this he can recognize five colors already.

    In addition to the colors he can identify, he can now count from one to ten and can identify the parts of his head. I am one proud mom.

    How about you? What is your child's favorite book? Share your thoughts.

    Til next.



    Image from google

    I am proud to be part of the Guinness World Records for the most number of fashion models that walked the runway last November 29, 2012. I walked for the brand Karimadon along with other non-professional models.

    Photoshoot 3 years ago by: Ross Capili

    It was never my intention to take it seriously to submit a photo to their website as I don’t have a nanny to look after my kids on the event day. But two days after I submitted my photo, I received a confirmation that I got a spot for the catwalk. It fell on a Thursday and yes it’s a working day so I’m not yet sure how will I be able to walk on the event. Nevertheless, I still went on the fitting for the brand.

    I did a text brigade to cousins if they can look after my kids while I am away. My original plan was, J would look after the kids in the morning until about 4pm. And he would go to the event to be my photographer. My brother agreed and his wife but due to network issues there were miscommunications (again)! J had an emergency meeting at 4p.m so my cousin who made herself available for me after her class was the only option I have. So I sent her home to look after my kids.

    The call time for our brand was 4p.m. so I, together with other non-professional models spent our time doing our own hair and make-up. It was so hard by the way, sitting in a holding area with minimum source of light available to do your own make-up.We also had to squeeze in all our stuff in our own seats since the holding areas has to accommodate not only models but as well as organizers, mua's and brand managers.

    Event was about to start

    Fitting day at Karimadon

    At the holding area

    The event started about 30 minutes past 6:00p.m. I belong to the runway 1. There were 5 runways and 5 models will walk simultaneously so we expect it to finish in about an hour or so. J on the other hand was on his way to watch me walk and expecting to take photos from the event. But I didn’t know what happened that day it was so traffic everywhere. He came all the way from Quezon City and took all the shortcuts just to get to the event but sadly he didn’t make it. I must say it was my 30 seconds of fame and I barely saw people sitting in front of us because of the light from the stage.

    J arrived 20 minutes after I walked the runway so no photos except BTS. Boo! After the walk we went straight home and still was traffic and I missed my kids already. When I arrived, my little girl cried a lot when she saw me. It was the longest time I was away from them.

    It was the longest day for me away from my mundane activities and I am proud to be part of such a huge event.

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