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Road to Financial Freedom

  “Spendthrift” is my mom’s mantra for how she handles money. As soon as she started giving me monetary money when I was in 6th grade, she would tell me not to spend everything, especially on the things that I do not need. Thanks to my mom, I learned how to save in a piggy bank early on. But as I grow up, things change. I learned that to live a decent life, we need to work hard for the life that we want. But being a nurse in my country, the salary is not enough to feed our family let alone live a comfortable life. I have three children and pets at home. To sustain all our needs, I need to find ways how to earn in addition to what my husband is earning. I started to find ways how to earn passive income and a steady stream of income. Growing up, I know that once you graduate from college and earn a degree, you can earn a living. But there was a shift of mindset when I was exposed to the power of social media. Admittedly, it helped me open doors to many opportunities including learning di

Patient to IMpatient

As a nurse, as much as possible I don't wanna get sick. In my years of existence, I have never been hospitalized (Thank God!) except of course me giving birth to my kids. Primarily I chose this profession because I like taking care of sick people. Becoming a medical doctor was even one of my dreams. But sadly due to some issues didn't push through.

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Before I became a a full time mom, I work as a CV-SICU nurse in Makati Med and handled broken hearted patients (open heart surgery patients) then resigned and worked as a stay in private nurse for a diabetic businessman British national based in Makati. Planned of going abroad got the visas ready and waiting for the flight but I guess God has made other plans for me and gave me two little bunch of joy.

A gift from one of our post by pass patient. He gave each one of us a box of brownies.

My charge nurse and the intensivist on duty

One night duty. Yes I only have 3 patients.

I miss my telemetry family

Being a patient is very grueling. That's why for some reasons I don't blame some of my patients before why they chose not to visit a hospital. Anyhow, I'd like to share with you my hospital visits.

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Second quarter of year 2010 was my first, when I was pregnant with my first born son. It was during my second trimester, J and I went on a trip in Dagupan and ordered kinilaw seafoods in one of the local restaurants there and ate to our hearts desire. We forgot that during that time there was a red tide ban all over the area. When we're back in Manila, I was on duty already but to my luck patient hasn't arrived yet from his out of the country business trip then I began to experience abdominal cramps and eventually loose bowels. It took me the fifth time before I finally decided to go to the hospital thinking I still can manage myself and self medicate. But because I was pregnant that time, I opted ER consult already and went to MMC. The main management for me was to monitor my baby and give me IV meds. If only I have the guts to insert my own IV I could've done it already. During that time J was at the office and I could hardly contact him due to network issues. I was alone and helpless I was really feeling feeble that time. They took blood samples and asked for a urine sample but I couldn't provide one since I am already dehydrated due to loose bowels. I overheard a resident said "if you can't provide urine sample in 30 minutes we will do a straight catheterization." Just imagine how painful it is to have a catheter and pregnant women are prone to infection now she's going to do a straight cath? I don't know how these residents were trained but I don't think they should be tough with patients. Three hours later finally I was able to contact J and he was surprised that I was in the hospital and minutes later he was already there. Thank God I feel secured now. They advised J confinement for observation but I refused! Because the only thing they would do is to monitor me, rehydrate with IV fluids and talk to residents and repeat history every after shift. Might as well take care of myself. So we went home and asked for take home meds instead.

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Last quarter of 2010 was my second hospital visit when I gave birth to my first born. I was lucky during that time because I was able to get a private room. I gave birth in the province so the hospital bills are way cheaper than in Manila. J even decided to upgrade the private room to suite because my mom and my sister wants to sleep in the hospital also to see my little boy. I don't know if it's just me being a patient observant of things but if you get a suite room the service of the people are way beyond because their perception is that you have a big pocket. But sometimes it doesn't always happen like that. There are times that patient gets to avail a suite room because it is the only available room left and even it is way out of their budget. When I call the nurses and asked for my pain killers in a matter of minutes they are already knocking on our door and so with the midwives and orderlies. When I checked out, the orderlies offered to wheel me and voluntarily offered a trolley for our stuff.

Third hospital visit was when I gave birth to my little girl late January of this year. I gave birth same hospital as my son but unfortunately I didn't get the same room accommodation. The hospital that time was under renovation so there were scarcity of rooms for patients. In short, I ended up in a ward room. Mind you, it was very inconvenient especially for post CS like me. Whenever I want to go to the bathroom and the urge of peeing, I'd end up using bedpan instead. Good thing my bed is close to the restroom but still it's very uncomfortable for me because I need to share the restroom with 8 patients. I can feel the unfair treatment of the nurses for patients in ward because they don't seem to care and treat you as if you can't pay your hospital bills. Whenever you ask to change your IV fluids it took them hours before they come to check on you. J was sitting on a bench with no cushion and even the IV stands are also made of wood. I feel like i'm confined in a remote area. When I was discharged I still have to request for a wheelchair and trolley and nobody offered to wheel me towards the drop off area of the hospital.

These instances shouldn't be happening but I guess it's really hard to bend and break what has been going on already. It's just so frustrating how my co-professionals treat other patients. I don't mind being treated that way but I just pity those patients who doesn't know their rights. I just hope that system in this country would change.

Did you happen to experience the same? How did you deal with it?

Till my next post.




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