It’s so funny how my son recites/sings the alphabet with conviction. I usually sing it to them when they get cranky and it is a very effective distraction. At first he can’t pronounce all the letters and finish singing the alphabet but now even if some letters are unclear at least he is able to sing it well.

A B C D E F G H I J K EBEBEC Q R X T U V DABUDU X Y AND Z. Now I know my abc next time won’t you sing with me.

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Now he can identify all the letters of the alphabet but gets confused sometimes with the letters N and M. I even caught him reading the sticker on a box with the word ASTRAL and tried to recite the letters one by one and was surprised that he got it correctly.

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I have a confession, I didn’t teach him how to count he learned counting from the DVDs they’re watching as well as the cartoons. There was one random day and he handed me a flash card and at the back he told me it was coffee, picture shows 5 mugs. I asked him to count it and I was surprised that he pointed on the mugs one by one and counted it right!

When we climb up and down the stairs it is the only time I teach him how to count. But surprisingly our stairs is only about 13 steps but he usually counts up to nineteen!

Here’s why,

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 19 10 8 7 6.

Ok. Now it's trouble.

But now, He can count up to twelve and corrected his counting.

Kids nowadays are very intelligent. My mom was even surprised that at the age of two years old he knows all the letters of the alphabet in comparison to our generation. 

How do you teach your kids to learn the alphabet and numbers? 
I have been meaning to make a post about this for a long time but I keep forgetting. These are based from my experiences from my son through his terrible twos stage and I know I am just starting as I am not yet halfway there. It took me months to finally pacify his temper tantrums.

Basically children are sponges that depend mainly to our temperament and it is like a virus that spreads all over the house. There were a lot of times that my patience is put to test all over the place; be it inside the malls and grocery stores and everyone else is looking at you with pity or sometimes trying to ogle how you handle with your child’s temper. With one mistake you will be taped and worse is they will report you to the authorities. Yes, I get that kind of paranoia. But no, I don’t shout at my son on public places, as I am very much aware of how the society will react to it.

There were a lot of times I try to question my way of parenting because my little boy has turned into a temper throwing tantrum child. I thought there was something wrong with me or worse I patented myself a bad mother for that matter. Thank you for the good friend google that I know it was just a stage I had to go through my parenting journey and I know it has just started and the most important thing is I AM NOT ALONE in this.

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Here are some of the approaches how I discipline my little boy:

Identify the cause. Your child may lack sleep or hungry that's why they are becoming cranky at some point. Try to feed them or make them sleep before everything could resort into some circumstances. 

Power of hug and I love you. This makes them feel loved and secured that even if they are cranky and observe that somehow there will be drastic change in their attitude.

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Be calm. Even if you already want to scream your head off from anxiety while looking at the living room with too much clutter you might want to ask them nicely to keep their toys so you will achieve good relationship.

“Be careful” vs “Do not”. Your little ones are in the stage of being independent and they are trying to figure out on how they will do things on their own. Try to support their inquisitiveness by teaching them the right way of doing things rather than restricting them to learn things. Chances are they will do things on their own the wrong way.

Distraction. If they are screaming their lungs out especially in the public areas make sure that you have a better way of distracting them. You don't expect them to behave in a certain place without something that will keep them busy.

Reward and punishment. If he doesn’t follow me on keeping his toys properly I usually punish him of not letting him play with the ipod and watch TV. But if he does, I reward him of his favorite cookie and take him to park on weekends.

Give time. When they ask for your attention, you give time even if you are in the middle of finishing your chores because chances are they will feel despised.

Play good/bad cop. This is effective to the both of us. I play the bad cop and J the good cop role but he sees to it that when he tries to comfort the little boy, he tells him that what he did was wrong.

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Be consistent. When you disagree already on something make sure the twinkling eyes of your toddler do not persuade you. Chances are, they will try to push your limits at some point. 

Ignore. Let your toddler cry and let them express their anger. When they try to calm a bit it’s a high time to approach them and give them assurance.

Incorporate fun in learning. Enjoy every minute of their childhood even if it means you make a lot of mess. Try to sing a song while you let them keep their toys and take a bath. There are times that my little boy refuses to take a bath even if he is already a mess and I tell him that I will make him bubbles while he takes a bath.

Again, these are some approaches that worked for me and the little boy. Some might and might not work for you and some might not even wok for my little girl. The key to what approach that will be effective to you will depend on the assessment you made and the trial and error. Every child has it's own unique  personality and we are responsible for molding them into a good person.

You may ask do I hit him? My answer is yes. I use a hanger and hit him on his palm or behind. But I don’t do it with anger. I try to calm myself first before hitting him. Sometimes things might not work for him and it would be the last resort. But I try to avoid doing it as much as I could.

Motherhood is not about being a perfect in the household and making sure everything will be in proper place but it will depend on how you will enjoy every moment with your children.

How about you? How do you deal with the temper tantrums? 
Allow me to be mushy at this moment. The past few days, I am watching Grey’s Anatomy season 8; yes I’m doing a marathon. The season ender was just so heartbreaking that Lexie Grey had to die in a plane crash and so as Mark Sloan. It feels like that Grey’s anatomy is already lacking as to the characters of the Tv series. But as we all know it is up to the writers as well as the actors/actresses.

But the main reason why I was mushy is what the scene it was trying to imply. It was so heartbreaking that it made me unhappy. Mark Sloan died with remorse without being true to his feelings to Lexie Grey.

Anyway, the main lesson of it is crystal clear. Be honest with our feelings. Everyday is not the same that we will be with our loved ones every single day. Let them know how you feel about them because you make each day worth reminiscing.

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“The toy store where you don’t need cash,” sounds really interesting isn’t it? Well, if you’re a mom and you want your kids to be happy without spending too much you would want to give it a try.

I pre-registered at the Breeze facebook page by keying in my details a week ago. All I need to bring is my ID and my baby. But the thing is I forgot I have two kids that were qualified to enter the Sigeland. But I told J that we could be early instead to avoid the long lines from the walk-ins line just in case they wouldn’t allow me to bring my two kids.

But as usual, we woke up late again. So instead of rushing, we had lunch before going to prevent kids from being cranky at the event. We arrived almost 3:30 p.m. at the event and surprisingly there were no long lines! I tried to bring my little boy inside but it was very timely that there were mascots at the registration area that he got so terrified and was crying to go out of the hall. He wanted to hide because he was “scared”. So J told me to bring the little girl instead and he and the little boy will go around since they didn’t allow strollers inside the event.

The little girl was very willing and cooperative that she was docile that time (maybe she knew she will get a toy). Her eyes were busy wandering around and observing the people around. Later on, the movie Cars 2 was played from the huge screen and she was attentively watching. We only waited for 20 minutes on the line. After allowing us to go inside to choose our toy, I got her the twist car but my original plan was to get her a bike but since it was impossible for her yet to enjoy it, I got the former instead so my son would also enjoy it as well.

There were a lot of toys at the Sigeland area, which corresponds to each virtue that we as parents should teach our children. These virtues were courage, sportsmanship, creativity and confidence. I got my little girl the twist car, which corresponds, to courage, which I pledge to teach her. 

When we arrived home and J was able to assemble it already, she was jumping in delight of her new toy. Since my little boy knows how to manipulate cars, he immediately jumped in and tried it on. I let my little girl try it on with my help and teaching her how to move the twist car around the living room. 

By being a #Sigemom, I wanted my kids to learn the virtue of courage by being strong and standing up despite the pain from falling, bumping into corners or getting a boo boo. It is where they will start to learn to be a resilient person someday and learning the loops of life and how they will be able to handle it with confidence.

Thank you breeze for the new toy, and for reminding us moms that our future generation needs empowerment from us. The toy that will remind us to bear in mind our pledge to our kids to allow them to discover the world with ease.

I am a #SigeMom and I am proud to support Breeze's #Sigesamantsa campaign.

Please visit their facebook page here and follow their twitter here for more information about their campaigns.

It wasn’t long ago that my little girl was once a helpless baby that I held in my arms despite the pain after the C-Section and would continuously visit her everyday in the NICU to breastfeed her. It was a sacrifice that I had to go through since she was born with infection and had to stay at NICU for the antibiotic treatment. She was so small and so angelic that made me want to see her everyday.

It was still vivid on my mind the first time she turned to her side exactly 15 months ago. It was like a funny moment when her cheeks was touching the bed and could hardly lie on her back again. I immediately knew that she would be a hyperactive baby.

I kept wondering what’s wrong with my lullaby and breastfeeding that won’t make her stop crying despite the music in the room. Oh she wanted the most vague position ever when she sleeps. That’s why.

When she turned one, it makes me pleased every time I see her twirling her lola like dance that seems like there is nobody observing her. When she eats and places every food on top of her head amuses me with delight. Every time a mobile trader would pass by and yells “baloooot”, she answers as if her screams can be heard.

Time seems to fly so fast that she is now able to walk but still wobbly and exactly knows now what she wants. She shakes her head every time she doesn’t like some thing. From the angelic little girl now she is a temper throwing tantrum baby girl who whines every time. She would stomp her feet and roll over and over like a log inside her playpen. She also feigns to be crying to get my attention.

It was just yesterday that I was trying to play with her by giving her milk and taking it away again and again that she finally said “NO” with conviction. J and I were both shocked that we both guffawed and she was perplexedly staring at us as to why we were both giggling.

After saying “no” she went back to play with her toys. Now my baby girl has grown. And yes, time flies so fast.

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