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Mang Inasal Creators' Circle wins in 2023 Dragons of Asia

Mang Inasal , the Philippines' Grill Expert, was named Black Dragon winner in the 2023 Dragons of Asia for its Mang Inasal Creators’ Circle (MICC).   MICC, a first-of-its-kind, brand-managed influencer community composed of nanoinfluencers to megainfluencers from different parts of the country, was among the award recipients under the Best Brand Building/Awareness Campaign category.   “MICC is one of the biggest post-pandemic milestones for Mang Inasal as we bring the brand closer to the communities we serve,” said Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. "We thank all MICC members for their contribution in bringing all the great Mang Inasal updates to their followers. This Black Dragon win is a validation of the effectiveness of their efforts."   Created in March 2022, MICC is comprised of digital content creators across the Philippines. Among the members of MICC are top mommy influencers like by  Mommy Diaries PH  and  Mommy Hieds  as well as known TikTokerists, including 

Change The Way You See Happiness

At 7:10 am, the sound of my alarm is beeping and my fingers hits the snooze button but my mind says I have to get up because I need to press my son’s and husband’s clothes. In this hour, I am supposed to be still in slumber because I slept late (again) trying to lull the 10 month old bub to sleep and stayed until the wee hours just to finish what needs to be done for the day. Everyday is a routine for my household except the moods of the little kids.

For six long years, I was a STAY-AT-HOME mom; I left my job to become a hands-on mom then to my son and eventually my three children. Those six long years has been a roller coaster of emotions for us because of the different factors that happened along the way. My job as a mom has been very challenging yet rewarding seeing them in their happy disposition. After all, the very reason why I had to give up my career was to raise happy and responsible kids.

It is not a secret in my blog the daily struggles I encounter. Those trials, sacrifices, and triumph in our daily lives; I try to share it with you. But really, how do I see happiness in the not-so-secret challenges of a STAY-AT-HOME-MOM?

  • Career. My career was put aside because I know my new career is to be a mother to my three kids. Being a mom is bittersweet challenge but it sure did teach me ways to become a better and stronger person I am now. My heart is so full knowing, I have the privilege to take care of them and see them every minute of the day.

  • Chores. If change is never ending, so are chores in my household and every mom out there. Everyday is a challenge since I am the only one who does all the chores juggling between breastfeeding the 10-month-old baby boy. It is only when I became a mom that I understood my mom as to why she loves doing things for us. It makes me happy despite getting exhausted at the end of the day. The happiness it gives knowing I get to take care of them is just priceless.
  • Doing chores while watching over the sleeping bub via Nanny cam
  • My beautiful mess. Being a nurse that I am, I was the OC type of person sans the kids. But things really change when you enter this phase called motherhood. Our house is a beautiful mess at the moment. My kids’ never ending happiness of playing in every corner and artwork everywhere is exhausting to look at when you do not see it with love. But for those who understand, our house is a constant work of art. The OC mom in me has changed a bit since I can already sleep with wrinkled sheets and quite stinky clothes. I can put on hold the dirty dishes trying to sing with the kids in the shower because taking a bath and playing makes them happy.
    Never ending adventure with her.
  • Travel/Malling. Being a hands-on mom, I cannot imagine myself being away from them even for an hour. I have this separation anxiety whenever I am away. Whenever and wherever we go, we take them with us because I believe it is much more fun when we get to see places with them despite the challenges of travelling with little kids. The happiness and enthusiasm when they tell people they went places and seeing them happy as well.
    In Hacienda Escudero where we celebrated daughter's second birthday.

    Took the kids to Ocean Adventure
  • Income. This is a very controversial issue for some couples and other women. But as I said, I don’t mind having an empty wallet because I know in my heart they won’t be kids forever. They will grow and the memories we share is enough for me to save in my wallet of memories.

My wallet of memory bank is full. 
So that is how I see happiness in this jungle journey called motherhood. Just like Huawei P9 Camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produce high quality photos that will allow me to capture more memories with my children and store every moment in our memory bank. And by the time we look back, we see vivid photos of all the memories we shared.

This motherhood is a rollercoaster journey and I know I just started and currently our life is a constant concoction of emotions, struggles and challenges. Together, we will get through and say, we nailed it!

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