By now, most of us probably know already the benefits of milk as it contains chock-full of vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients. And whether you want to light things up or just simply committing to healthier choices, consider rebooting your habits that include drinking Jolly Cow, Non Fat Milk—a delicious and creamy UHT Fresh Milk sourced from Germany's biggest dairy farm where the purest and the most premium milk is packed.

Made of 100% pure cow’s milk, Jolly Cow, Non Fat Milk contains 0.3% butterfat or the natural fatty constituent of cow’s milk. Aside from its high calcium, protein, vitamins and mineral contents, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk’s unique Ultra High Treatment (UHT) process allows to preserve the milk’s quality and safety. Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk also possesses greater benefits for your health, that’s why making it a part of your active lifestyle will help you achieve your wellness goals. 


Adding Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk in your daily regimen will aid in repairing your muscles after a strenuous exercise. Additionally, studies also suggest that consuming non-fat milk like Jolly Cow following a resistance exercise helps in promoting losses in body fat as compared with soy or sports drinks.

Athletes and work out warriors won’t only find nourishment in Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk’s delicious taste, it’s also a great post-exercise rehydration aid. Along with a healthy lifestyle, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk will help you get fit and recharged while ensuring you’ve got all the essential nutrients that our body needs daily.


Don’t be confused with all the options that are available around, choosing guilt-free milk should be deliciously simple.  Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk is ready-to-drink and is an ideal breakfast companion for cereals, oatmeal, or an ingredient for a variety of recipes for baking or cooking. And since Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk is sourced from one of the world’s strictest European quality controlled sources, each drop is guaranteed richer, creamier, and tastier, that’s why it also makes the perfect partner for coffee and smoothies.

Available in one-liter size, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk has a variety of usage & essential nutrients, so there’s no reason why you should run out of Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk in your pantry!

We can all agree that we, Filipinos, love to eat because that’s how we bond, spend quality time and create memories together. That’s why for practical moms out there, Jolly Claro Palm Oil shares budget-conscious secrets beginning with proper planning to smart grocery shopping that is guaranteed to set up your healthy-eating to success.

Here are some kitchen hacks that won’t only focus on the health of the whole family but also boost your savings:
1.     Create a meal plan.  Meal planning won’t only save us time and money, it can also reduce our daily stress of thinking about what dish to prepare for the day.  In this day and age where fast-paced lifestyle is the new normal, weekly meal planning can save us from food waste. In addition, it’s also a great opportunity to delve into your cookbooks, collect recipes online, and build your library of recipes. This way, you won’t surely run out of new ideas while cutting your grocery cost.
2.  Prepare a grocery list.  With a bit of creativity and planning, you can make exciting and delicious meals by ensuring you have a grocery list on hand. So the trick is to keep a pen and a notepad and clip it in front of your fridge and pantry. Next, allot time in jotting down a list of everything that you have inside. For instance, you have a kilo of chicken breast, 10 eggs, or half a kilo of tilapia. Every time you use something up, immediately cross it off the list.  This trick will help you to see what you have and what you don’t have at a glance.
3. Compare prices for different groceries and brands. In addition to making a list, checking groceries and supermarkets near you about their latest promotions would help you in scoring the best deals and discounts. Checking various store flyers, websites, social media accounts, and comparing unit prices on different brands take time, but that extra amount of effort could make a huge difference to your savings account.
4. Keep a regular stock of must-have items in your kitchen. If you needed the reason to believe that you should keep in your pantry a list of ingredients essentials, think of this opportunity to expand your repertoire  Cheese, eggs, and butter, are some of the dairy mainstays you can count on because of the many dishes you can make out of it. Chicken is one of the staples you can prepare in a variety of ways, so stocking up different parts for later use from legs, breast, and wings can save you from last-minute grocery runs. Lastly, we’re big proponents of items that don’t need refrigeration and are versatile to use in many disheslike rice, pasta, canned tomatoes, and palm oil. Using cooking oil that has a high smoke point such as Jolly Claro Palm Oil, you can prepare a variety of flavorful recipes and dishes for the whole family. This hack won’t only save you time for lazy weeknight dinner recipes, you’ll be glad too that it’s there when your family is looking for deliciously no-fuss meals instead of calling for home delivery.
 5.   Buy in bulk and cook at home. A well-stocked pantry of kitchen essentials won’t only encourage you to cook exciting and relevant dishes, it’s also a winner to your wallet. Buy products in a bundle or in bulk, especially products that are non-perishable and can be stocked in the pantry like cooking oil. Jolly Claro Palm Oil is a healthier alternative because it is cholesterol-free and is rich in Vitamin A. “Palm oil is one of the underrated oils in the market, but Jolly Claro Palm Oil begs to differ as it doesn’t solidify as fast as other palm oils in the market and resists oxidation, which causes the ‘pag-anta’ or rancid after taste.  Unlike other tingi brands in the market, Jolly Claro Palm Oil boasts quality as it has gone through a 5-step process: twice filtered and refined thrice, true to its tagline “Oilinis, Oilinaw, Oilinamnam”, said Product Manager of Jolly Claro Palm Oil, Maita Monsalud. “Jolly Claro Palm Oil remains clear and neutral even after several usages, making it really sulit,” she added.

With these simple tricks, any practical homemaker who already loves food could save more and enjoy deliciously affordable meals for the whole family. Available at all major groceries and supermarkets nationwide, be sure to take advantage of Jolly Claro Palm Oil duo pack and save P10 in every purchase. For more information, visit their Facebook Page on

Vicks, a brand synonymous with Generations of Care globally, continues its mission on transforming people’s lives with the power of care with the belief that it is Care that makes a family, and not the other way around. The brand’s #TouchOfCare campaign brings to the surface societal taboos and sheds light on them to inspire change in perspectives and preconceived biases. It reveals how anybody with a loving touch of care has the capability to transform another person’s life.

“The purpose of the Vicks brand is rooted in care. With our #TouchOfCare campaign, we aim to share stories where people have transformed lives of others through their extraordinary acts of care. The story of “Agnes” was one such story which just needed to be told. We hope the campaign inspires more people to transform lives and transcend social norms, definitions and stereotypes through their own acts of care.”
-       Akhilesh Negi, P&G Brand Director Healthcare APAC

The 4-minute video heroes a child who was born with HIV infection. When his mom died from the disease, the 4-month old was handed by his immediate family to Agnes, his mom’s friend. Captured in the story is how Agnes later on found out about the child’s condition, and instead of turning away from the unexpectedly difficult situation, she committed to raise him and showered him with love and care. It was the start of a beautiful life transformation for the two; revealing how Agnes fought for child’s life against all ridicule and discrimination from the people around them. Today, with Agnes’ unfaltering love and care, the child is 4 years old and his HIV infection lays dormant in his body.

“With the Touch of Care campaign, we are passionate about telling powerful stories of love. The story of Agnes just grabbed us from the start and we felt this moving tale of mother and son, amidst their challenges, was something we want to share with the world. This is the power of care that Vicks celebrates, for when you choose it, you have a hand in transforming another person’s life and make it better.” Lester Estrada, P&G Philippines Marketing Director

Vicks believes that sharing Agnes’ story will create a ripple effect that inspires people to look past the current beliefs, social norms, definitions, and stereotypes placed on people, and ultimately creates a transformative power of care. The brand also wants to create societal awareness for children born with HIV in order to change society’s beliefs and perspectives towards them. Vicks is committed to amplifying inspiring stories that show the transformation of human lives when people give a touch of care.

“While brands have the power to lead conversations and influence culture, it is ordinary people in their everyday lives who actually inspire these brands to reflect relevant realities in our advertising. This extraordinary ability of a person to transcend every imaginable boundary to feel and care for another life, another human being, continues to be the inspiration for Vicks’ "Touch of Care" campaign across multiple geographies. To celebrate the lives, amplify the stories and support our everyday heroines and heroes is a privilege for our brand.”

-       Ajay Vikram, Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Global Clients

Vicks has partnered with Project Red Ribbon (a partner of Department of Health - National AIDS/STI Prevention and Control Program and is associated with the World Health Organization and UNAIDS). This partnership aims to give the same love and care seen in the film to the children under the “Duyan Project”. “Duyan”, a Filipino noun which means “cradle”, aims to provide care and support to children with HIV in the Philippines. Through the said program, they will be given care, love and attention, to improve their quality of life until they are once again healthy and can go back to school.

To know more about HIV, Project Red Ribbon, and the “Duyan Program” visit

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water explores a territory of love uncommon to most mothers. A discovery of Pure Love and where it sits between the safe comforts of a mother’s love and the uncertainties of letting go.
A discussion with Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, an Absolute Mom for seven years, as she shares her own story on Pure Love; a discovery she slowly uncovered while raising her own family, and raising herself too, as now a mom to three children: Yohan, Lucho, and Luna.

Absolute: What would be the main difference of your experience as a new mom (back when you only had Yohan) to now that you have Lucho and Luna?
Judy Ann: It was very different. I had Yohan when I was 26 and at that time parang ang bilis lang ng lahat. Hindi pa nag sink in that I’m already responsible for the life of another human being. Noon, ang alam ko lang nagtatrabaho ako ng mabuti and I thought that was enough. When Lucho and Luna came, my perspective changed because nag-aalaga na ako ng toddler and ng infant at the same time. I learned to be more attentive and give more importance to the love and attention that I give.

A: Would you consider yourself a hands-on mom?
JA: I try to be as hands-on as I can to all of my children. But I cannot always be present because of industry I’m in. There was a time when Lucho got into an accident, and I was out of town for work. Grabe yung guilt ko nun. It’s never easy. It took me time para matanggap ko that it doesn’t make me a bad mom pag hindi ko nakikita yung milestones nila, or pag wala ako if something bad happens. I am just blessed that I am surrounded by people who love my children. And I teach my kids also na may mga ibang tao din na nagmamahal and aalagaan sila. So they also learn to trust and respect them.

 A: What would be your biggest discovery about a mother’s love?

JA: You have to learn how to Trust. Trust is one of the foundations of any healthy relationship. Parang sa amin din na mag-asawa, Ryan taught me the values of honesty, trust, and respect. And this is what I teach our children too. I learned, especially now that I have Yohan, Lucho, and Luna that you have to trust them, so they also begin to trust themselves. You have to make them feel na may confidence ka sa ginagawa nila, and in return, magkakaron din sila ng tiwala at confidence sa mga ginagawa nila.

A: Do you think this is what Pure Love means? Trusting your children to make their own choices?
JA: I give my children space so they can have their own experiences. Isa to sa mga discoveries ko sa sarili ko as my experiences also grow as a mom. I make it a point that I make my kids feel that I trust them. So they also trust me back in return and hindi sila takot magsabi sa amin ng experiences nila, kahit good pa yan or bad. I remind them na wag matakot because kahit ano pang pagdaanan mo sa buhay, lagi kang may matututunan.
Now that I am a mom of three, the way I understand Pure Love has evolved. Ngayon, Pure Love means I allow them to make their own decisions and may tiwala ako sa mga desisyon nila. I give them the freedom to choose their sports or hobbies, or if gusto nila tanggapin yung endorsement deal or hindi.

A: What if they make decisions that you don’t agree with?
JA: I listen. Pinapakinggan ko sila and I try to understand that best way that I can. Pero siyempre I also make them understand my point of view and sa paraan na maiintindihan din nila - kung tama ba to or hindi? Before I used to overanalyze their decisions, pero I learned na they’re kids, and kids say what they feel. So it’s a learning discovery din for me.

A: How would you encourage other moms to show their Pure Love?
JA: Probably isa ito sa mga pinakamahirap gawin bilang nanay, kasi takot tayo mag let go. But always remember that they will only learn how to trust themselves, when we make them feel that we trust them first. To moms, hindi natin malalaman how much they will grow if hindi natin sila bibigyan ng chance. We let go little by little, so we allow them to grow and be their own person. That’s what I’ve learned about Pure Love today. It’s trusting them so they can be their own person.
Motherhood is indeed a journey of trust for Judy Ann. It is learning to co-create this life filled with decision-making together with her children, and that her greatest discovery yet as a mom is realizing there is Pure Love that continuously grows inside her.

Absolute celebrates #PureLoveTrusts

For the first time in seven years with Absolute, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo stars in her first-ever TVC with children Yohan, Lucho, and Luna in celebration of the brand’s newest campaign #PureLoveTrusts. This gives light to one of the biggest fears and milestones of a mother – trusting and letting go.
Absolute aims to inspire mothers to find within them the heart to trust their child’s own decisions. To understand that trusting is a continuous learning process – from supporting their decisions, being present as they face the consequences and helping them make sense out of it. It also means hoping that whatever choices they make, these will all lead them to the person they’ve always hoped of becoming.

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