I have only two rules in my life when it comes to purchasing expensive items. Buy cheap and good quality or buy expensive items but wait until it's on sale. Yes, I am frugal like that. Every penny counts and that I want it spent wisely. Who doesn't? With the rising costs of all commodities, we really have to budget our finances well. When we moved, all I wanted to do was to redesign the house to match our personality. But it would mean alot of money if I give it one go. So I said, wait and hunt for bargain finds. That is why I love going to HMR ever since we discovered this store some few years back. They are always our last and final resort to all our needs. Here are few things to expect at HMR:

1. Overwhelming choices. Before I buy a certain thing, what I usually do is to look for cheap and good quality alternatives. That way, I get to really buy what is best and won't regret it afterwards. But at HMR, once you get into their store, there will be unlimited choices because you tend to get everything on their display. They have all sorts of products you need from furnitures, toys, equipments, household appliances, kitchen appliances and everything else, name it--they almost have it!

2. Sky's the limit budget. The very reason why we go to HMR is because of frugal reasons but it is quite ironic when you wish that you have all the fund to buy what you want need. Again, because of the reason number 1, there will really be overwhelming choices but you just need to stick with what you really want need. 

3. Hoarder alert. If you are the type of person who loves to hoard stuff, then I am giving you a warning already as I have mentioned in number 1, there will be a lot of choices and 2, it will definitely break your budget. HAHA. But I was able to buy what I need in my kitchen thru HMR. I am now a happy domestic mom because of them. 

Now here are my tips in going to HMR. 

1. Hit and miss. Their items are mostly new (unopened), market returns (others with boxes but opened and used), or damaged. If you are a first time customer, look for a sales agent that will assist you and don't hesitate to ask them details regarding the items you are going to purchase. They are willing to help and assist you with what you need. If you are quite particular with warranty, then this is not the place for you. They only offer replacement and sometimes repair but if items are not available in the store, their resort is to offer refund but again, this will depend on store branches. 

2. Search every nook and cranny of the store. Not all their branches are organized and have the same stocks and due to the volume of customers going in and out as well as the ones they take out from the storage, it tends to get cluttered. So you really have to allot ample time when you go there because who knows? You just might find a hidden treasure there. HAHA. 

3. Always check. If you are decided on purchasing a certain item and it contains parts example: toy, always check for the completeness. HMR puts sticker on the box whether they have checked the toy if it's working, complete and has missing parts. But because of the volume of customers including the kids going in and out, it tends to get misplaced at some point. 

Here are some of the good finds  got from HMR. Please do note that I got them from different branches already. 
Handheld Steamer 

Digital Rice Cooker

Blender with different attachments
Homedics Sauna

Read my blog about it here: Homedics Facial Sauna
That's it. If you have additional information, please do comment them below. I hope these tips will help you in your frugal way to HMR. As their customer for several years, these are some of my experiences from them. If you haven't checked them out yet, you may check their nearest store in their facebook page HMR Philippines

SM Cinema, the largest cinema exhibitor in the country and Called to Rescue, an international non-profit organization dedicated to fighting child trafficking, recently joined forces to empower kids to be like their favorite superheroes from Incredibles 2 who are sound, alert, and ready to fight evil and counter threats to child safety.  

SM Cinema partnered with Called to Rescue Philippines to give kids from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) – Muntinlupa branch an Incredible afternoon full of inspirational talks, safety tips, educational games and fun prizes that motivated the young participants to enjoy their childhood while being aware of their surroundings. The kids were also treated to a free screening of the animated family blockbuster, the Incredibles 2, at SM Cinema in SM Southmall. 

There was no better way for kids to enjoy their day than be trained like superheroes as they played with the interactive displays of The Incredibles 2! They got a taste of having superpowers in Dash’s Obstacle Course, Violet’s Force Field, Elastigirl’s Trampoline and Mr. Incredible’s Logo Builder. They were given prizes from Jollibee, Papa Ketchup, and Mr. Pluffy when they became whiz kids answering trivia questions about their favorite superhero family. The kids did not only enjoy the time with the Supers, but also had the chance to listen and learn from real life superheroes of Called to Rescue. 

Called to Rescue, founded in 2014 in the Philippines, has been working together with various partners to raise awareness and help lessen the problem of child trafficking in the country and across the globe. 

Anthony Pangilinan, Called the Rescue Philippines Officer-in-Charge, leads the activities of the organization like seminars, self-defense training, and school tours, among others. “We do not just educate the kids on trafficking, we also teach them how to fight back. Similar to the movie, our kids should be prepared to fight against the villains of this world,” shared Pangilinan. 

You can still catch the animated family blockbuster of the summer, the Incredibles 2, in SM Cinema branches nationwide. Book your tickets through the website, www.smcinema.com or download the SM Cinema mobile app. You may also follow /SMCinema on facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for updates.          

The kids have been craving for noodles for the past weeks and they have bribed me with kisses and hugs to grant their request. But because I am quite preoccupied with the back to school thingamajigs, and need to dry flooded carpet, I just couldn't find time to cook as well as food shopping. 

But last night was the perfect time because it was raining hard and I have ample time to prepare food. So here it is the recipe:

Chicken and Mushroom Noodle Soup


Noodles (you can use egg noodles)
Chicken Balls
Chicken (I choose neck part as it has more flavor, but you can choose breast of other part), chopped
Chicken broth/stock
Boiled Eggs
Carrots, sliced thinly
Cabbage or you can use Chinese Cabbage, sliced thinly
Mushroom (I used Tenga ng Daga here but you can use Portabello mushroom)
Onion, quartered
Garlic, minced
Soy Sauce (Maggi)
Fish Sauce
Spring Onions/Leeks (optional)


1. Prepare the ingredients. Boil the eggs separately, let it cool and peel the shells. 
2. Boil the chicken in a large pot with onion, garlic, broth, ground pepper, fish sauce and soy sauce. Remember to add them gradually as this will be your soup base later on. 
3. Remove the chicken, chop it in approximately two inches. 
4. Add the chicken balls. If you do not like it, you may skip this one. Simmer until cooked and remove it from the pot. 
5. Add the tenga ng daga or mushroom of your choice. Simmer for two minutes and remove from the pot. 
5. Add egg noodles. Simmer for two minutes until half cooked. 
6. Prepare bowl for plating. Add chicken, chicken balls, cabbage, carrots and sliced egg. 
7. Add egg noodles and soup. Let it sit for two minutes before serving or until the sliced carrots and cabbage is slightly cooked. 
8. Garnish with Spring Onions. 
9. Serve.

You can tweak this recipe to your liking. Again, the secret here is to gradually adjust the taste to your desire. I usually do not put quantity as you have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires. 

Enjoy! Let me know if you have tried this one already. 

With the school year starting, it’s back to worrying about whether to prepare packed meals for your child or just provide more allowance for food. Undoubtedly, letting them eat out is more time-saving and convenient. But while it’s a tempting option, doing this regularly is expensive and unhealthy.

As such, health experts often advise to make home-cooked meals - but of course, cooking at home is much easier said than done. It takes time and effort to create delicious and nutritious baon for kids, especially if yours are picky eaters. So to help you create healthy and yummy meals for their kids as the school year starts, here are some tips from Electrolux Philippines.

Plan your meals
Although it may seem tedious at first, meal planning is one of the best ways to save money and be more efficient at cooking.

Start by making an inventory of everything in your refrigerator and pantry. By knowing what you currently have, you can determine what meals to make, or what additional ingredients to buy. It’s wiser to pick recipes based on common ingredients, or things you can easily get from the store.

Planning meals are vital to your kids’ healthy diet so remember to choose balanced recipes with a good mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Interactive tools like meal planning applications and websites can also help make this task easier to manage by helping you create grocery lists, choose recipes, and track your children’s’ calorie intake.

Get creative with veggies
It’s no secret that most kids aren’t fond of their greens. One way to get your kids to eat vegetables is by using creative preparation and presentation - like making vegetarian sushi. Combine all kinds of vegetables or fruits with rice and seasoning to create tasty sushi rolls. Another way to serve veggies is to turn them into kebabs. By marinating and grilling them with herbs, garlic, and balsamic glaze, your veggies can achieve a deliciously tangy taste. Place them on skewers with some chicken or shrimp and you have a healthy lunch!

Here’s an easy way to get kids to eat their veggies – make veggie kebabs!    
Healthy switches
Instead of buying packaged sweets and chips, give your kids sandwiches like peanut butter with sliced fruits, or grilled chicken & cheese with lettuce and tomatoes. Not only are they healthier, but more filling and satisfying as well. If you want variation from regular burgers, try switching the meat patties to tuna. It’s incredibly simple and cheap to make using canned tuna—not to mention, it’s also packed with nutritious omega 3, iron, and potassium.

As for drinks, you may opt to switch packaged beverages with homemade juices. Freshly made juices do not have added preservatives, sugars, and artificial flavoring. Just make sure you have a juicer or blender handy then get your kids to pick out what fruit blend they want for the day!

With the Electrolux NutriFresh Refrigerator, you can keep your fruits and veggies fresh for long a time so you can make healthy shakes and juices for your kids’ baon to school!    
Let nothing go to waste
Making extra servings can actually help you save a lot of time since you no longer need to go through the lengthy prep time before every meal. You can easily store extra servings in the refrigerator or freezer to preserve their freshness, then heat them up when needed.

Make the most out of leftovers by making One-Pot Pasta meals. Throw in remaining ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables to a pan, then add the pasta, olive oil, and other seasonings to your taste. Be creative!    
And don’t forget about leftovers! To make use of leftover ingredients, try making One Pot Meals – meals such as stews or pasta that you can make by putting together all your ingredients in one pot. The great thing about One Pot Meals is that you can be as creative as you like as long as the ingredients can complement each other. If you still have unused ingredients such as onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, or mushrooms, you can chop them up then put them in a pan. Afterwards, add the pasta, pour olive oil and season everything to taste.

Have the right kitchen appliances
When it comes to food preparation and cooking, Electrolux offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances to suit your every need.

If you’re worried about how long your leftovers or ingredients will last in storage, the Electrolux NutriFresh™ Inverter Refrigerator EHE5220AA can go a long way in helping you prevent food spoilage. Since it’s equipped with technology that stabilizes temperature, deodorizes, and minimizes water loss, fruits and vegetables can stay fresh for up to a week. It also lessens utility costs because of its energy saving features.

The Electrolux 520L NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerator has the capacity to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and nutritious 7 days longer than the average refrigerator.    
If you live in a condo or apartment with a smaller kitchen, the Electrolux Tabletop Microwave Oven with Grill & Convection EMS3087X is the right fit for you. This 4-in-1 appliance combines the convenience of a microwave and the performance of an oven, grill and even a steamer, which allows you to prepare different types of dishes so your kids won’t get tired of the same old thing.
The Electrolux 30L Table Top Microwave with Grill and Convection is a 4-in-1 cooking appliance that is a perfect fit for smaller kitchens.    

For something bigger but just as versatile, you can use the Electrolux Built-In Oven EOB2200BOX to bake, grill, and roast food. It comes with the InfiSpace™ feature that can extend the 68-litre capacity to a 74-litre capacity to give you plenty of room to cook multiple dishes in one go. It also comes with an enamel coating that repels grease and dirt, making it easier to clean.
The Electrolux 68 L Built-In Oven allows you to grill, bake, or roast food, with plenty of room to cook multiple dishes at the same time.    

If you’re looking for a convenient way to cook, you can use the Electrolux Built-in Induction Hob EHED63CS. Induction is faster and uses much less energy than other cooking technologies because it heats the cookware directly while the cooktop remains cool in the process, making it safe to touch and easy to clean perfect for creating delicious dishes in less time and with less fuss.

The Electrolux 60cm Built-in Induction Hob takes less time and energy to cook your favorite dishes.
Although preparing packed meals at home can seem tiresome and overwhelming, the long term pay-off is worth it. Not only is it more nutritious for your child, but more cost-friendly as well. Cooking isn’t always easy, but with a bit of practice, time, and guidance, you’ll eventually see that there are plenty of ways to be creative and efficient when it comes to making baon everyday!

For more tips on healthy eating, visit visit www.electrolux.com.ph and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram or @ElectroluxPH on Twitter.

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