After the successful nationwide #SuperAweSMKidsDay, SM Supermalls continues the #AweSMKidsMonth this October with back-to-back awesome events, namely United Nations Day and Halloween.

“SM Supermalls takes utmost pride in celebrating this awesome Kids’ Month with no less than the next generation of leaders and the future of SM, our SM kiddie shoppers,” said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls senior vice president for marketing. “The awesome deals and fun experiences continue this October, starting off with the nationwide #SuperAweSMKidsDay followed by the annual United Nations Day and Halloween festivities. We dedicate this month to you with everything that you love to do at SM: play, shop, eat, and win!”

IT’S A SMALL WORLD AT SM MALLS. Visit now to checkout 
The United Nations Day activities at an SM mall near you!

Aside from the annual National Costume Parade and Contest, kids and families who will celebrate #UnitedNationsDayAtSM2018can enjoy cultural performances from UN countries through the World Music Fest, a grand display of flags from different countries, and face painting of colorful flags via Wear Your Flag.

HAVE A MONSTERRIFIC TIME AT SM. SM malls nationwide have different #AweSM treats for kids of all ages this Halloween. Check out the events at an SM mall near you via
Meanwhile, a fun and #MonsterrificHalloweenAtSMwill delight super kids of all ages with various awesome activities including the Freaky Face makeup contest, Monster Ball Halloween costume challenge, Peak-A-Fun Fair with lots of thrilling deals, Vivo Enchanted Castle attractions in 57 malls and the much awaited #AweSM Trick or Treat.

All parents are encouraged to capture their kids’ special moments using the #AweSMKidsMonth’s Photo App found at All promo participants will get a chance to win P5,000-worth of SM shopping money!

Visit for the full list of events and activities in store for our little ones this whole month of October!

So for the past few months, I haven't touched the payments I received from my Paypal Account because I have no idea how to cash it in other than spending it to pay something I buy online using PayPal funds. But recently, I thought I should do something about it because I cannot spend all for nothing just because I couldn't send the funds to my Philippine bank accounts.

I have been hearing GCash and the minimum fee for you to be able to transfer your Paypal fund to your bank account. I thought, I'd give it a try. Then I did. But what hesitates me is that I have no Globe mobile number anymore. I downloaded the app still and registered. Good news! You can now use GCash with your existing mobile number! It is now easy to do it since I don't have to add another number! Sounds good right?

Now let me walk you through the steps with GCash. All you have to do is download the app (it is both available in IOS and Android app) and input all your details.

You need to verify GCash in order for you to be able to utilize the full features of the app. You need to submit your ID by taking a clear photo of it and submit it to the app. The list of the IDs are listed below. 

After verifying your account, you are now ready to use your GCash app and receive payments or pay bills. Now is the part where you need to connect your GCash account with Paypal account and move your Paypal funds to your GCash account. 

Please note though that the minimum cash-in to your bank account is Php 500. Should there any problem with your transaction, you can reach them through Globe's hotline 02-730-1000.

Cooking has been one of my me-time. I love whipping up something for the family and love to hear them compliment the food I serve them. My family loves to bond over food, especially my kids. I love seeing them eat together and having fun. If only I have all the time in the world, I would cook them every meal different viands just so they could have more than one variety every day. 

But when it comes to cooking, I like something that is reliable and could keep up with me. I want something that is durable (could last for years), and reliable. I remember growing up with La Germania and it was there where I learned how to cook my very first food that is--sunny side up egg. It stayed with us for more than a decade until my mom decided to let it go. 

To further demonstrate how having a great partner in the kitchen can help you achieve great things, brand advocates and husband and wife culinary team Chefs Rolando and Jac Laudico conducted a cooking demo during The Chic Driven Expo, an annual event that advocates helping women become even better versions of themselves.

Kitchen adventures

The Chic Driven Expo, originally conceived as a motoring event for empowering women on the road, has evolved to feature more aspects of a modern woman’s life, and La Germania aspires to be at the forefront of every woman’s kitchen adventure.

During the Expo’s two-day run, La Germania launched new products and hosted demonstrations that showed the ladies just what a great range can do for her and her family.

Chef Rolando and Chef Jac Laudico introduced two new stylish models that are workhorses in the kitchen: the G702EF and the FS521 00BG.

The former is a gas stove with a white porcelain enamel-coated body and large double gas burners, while the latter is a free standing range with an elegant black porcelain enamel- coated body that houses two gas burners, an electric hot plate, and a gray porcelain enamel coated oven cavity with a manual oven.

After showcasing the two new models, both Chefs also demonstrated the brand’s reliability and performance with on-the-spot cooking demonstrations where they whipped up delicious quick-fire dishes using different La Germania products. Each dish took less than half an hour to prepare, a perfect nod to today’s modern lifestyle where every minute counts, and a compliment to the way most women need to manage their schedules: a delicate balance of time spent preparing dinner and then relaxing and enjoying it.

La Germania, the leading kitchen appliance brand that’s been loved and relied on by Filipino cooks for generations, keeps things fresh and vibrant by supporting every woman’s challenging role in modern times.

Like most mothers, there's probably nothing you wouldn't do for your children. If you want to set your child up in a way that allows them to experience success in their lives, it's important to take a proactive role. You don't want to be that parent who is overbearing and strict. However, you do need to be intentional about the way you approach their upbringing, routines and more. You don't want to wait until your children are in middle school before you start taking their future seriously. Start while they're really young. After all, the years will fly by quickly. Consider these tips in order to get started.  

1. Exposure 

Plan family field trips and vacations. Make sure there is an educational element involved in some of these trips. Plan a trip to one of the local children's museums. On another day, take a trip to one of the art museums. When school is out of session, take time to go on vacation. Consider going on a cruise so that you can enjoy multiple countries in one vacation. Read books that expose your children to different career fields, cultures and more. In many cases, a child will absorb whatever they're taught. 

2. Investment 

Make the investment in their education. If one of your children shows an interest in science, look for summer camps that focus on science and math-enrichment. If they are interested in medicine, allow them to get exposed to the daily lives of different medical professionals. Let them see how different machines like the open mri machine work. If you're unable to find camps that cater to these different subjects, look online to see if there are any courses or resources that you can tap into. 

3. Encouragement

Always be a positive force in the lives of your children. You never want to be in a position where your children are afraid to come to you for support. Don't focus so much on their careers that you forget about them. Remember that they are children first. Yes, it's good to push and motivate them to do better. However, always make sure you constantly emit positive energy because they can tell the difference.

Our six years of living in an apartment from city to city has given us so many memories with our small family. But I realized, the kids are growing and we are ought to give them the best possible provision they deserve and that includes house where they can call home. 2016 was the deal breaker for us. I felt so exhausted at our former apartment that it suddenly hit me--I don't want this for the rest of our life. It was frustrating to say the least. 

So I carefully and fervently prayed that we can move the soonest before the children starts school. Then, after months of scouting, house tripping and narrowing down to our choices. We finally found a place we now call home. 

But it I didn’t occur to me that having a house incurs a lot of responsibility. All I can think of before moving was to have a place where I can do freely what I want and that the kids could have a better and quiet place to live in. Now that we moved into our new home, I have to prioritize especially our household budget. It never occurred also to me that there is a need for us to get insurance for our house. Getting home insurance in the Philippines is not that common. Heck, I didn’t even know if our ancestral house was insured or not. 

In our case, we chose move-in ready house because we don’t want to wait long to move in since the kids need to settle down and adjust for their school. We were very lucky that we found a move-in ready house. But in getting a house, you really need to consider a lot of factors. 

Here are few considerations before you decide to buy a move-in ready house. 

Clean Title. Here in the Philippines, scams can occur in almost everything you buy. To save you from so much hassle, you need to verify the property you are going to buy is clean. You need to secure a photocopy of the property and check with the local Registry of Deeds where the property is registered.

Consider house in general. You want to get your money’s worth in investing something for your family. You need to consider the value of the property as well as the cost of repairs and renovations before you move in. 

Consider the family’s long term fund. You will invest in something that will take a big portion of the family’s monthly fund. This needs to take into consideration so that you are sure that you can pay it in the given time frame and not leave you in huge amount of debt. 

Furnishings. When we moved in, some that house was semi-furnished. We were lucky and thankful that the previous owner left some of their furnishings to us. If you are a family who is just starting out, having furnishings is a big help since you only need to invest in few stuff to complete your home. 

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