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NBA Superman Dwight Howard names Mang Inasal ‘best chicken in the Philippines’

Former NBA superstar and eight-time All-Star Dwight Howard has recently trended on social media as his video eating Mang Inasal has reached over 6 million views.


In his Reel titled “POV: You Found the Best Chicken in the Philippines,” Howard is seen enjoying the Mang Inasal Family Fiesta bundle of Chicken Inasal and Pork BBQ.


Howard shared in his caption, “I got some good Filipino food from Mang Inasal and the food was a A+ from the Chicken Inasal, to the Palabok, the pork barbecue, and Halo Halo 👀🍨... I would order it from anywhere in the world if I could!”


Howard’s video stirred thousands of fans to share it and join the online conversation.


“It’s time for you to tell Mang Inasal to build branches overseas,” one said. “Mang Inasal for the greatest center ever,” added another. “Best thing in the Internet today is Dwight Howard eating Mang Inasal!” quipped another fan.


He was also pleasantly surprised when his Filipino fans responded to a dare Howard himself posted for them to bring him Mang Inasal food in a recent meet-and-greet event – an affirmation that Filipinos do consider Mang Inasal’s Chicken Inasal the best-tasting grilled chicken in the country.

Before leaving the Philippines, Howard posted another video showing him eating Mang Inasal Buddy Fiesta together with Extra Creamy Halo-Halo and Palabok. He wrote in his caption, “I’ve ordered at Mang Inasal Philippines every day since I had it in the Philippines.😫 I’m going to miss it sooooo much. I think I might have to fly back just for the chicken. I will miss ordering at”


Considered the most decorated import in Philippine basketball history, Howard is playing with the Strong Group Athletics in the 33rd Dubai International Basketball Championship that is set to kick off this January 19.

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