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Galaxy all the way: Users share why they love Samsung for its 25th year in the Philippines

Looking back 25 years ago, many technological evolutions today were unimaginable. Fast forward to 2023, where digital and technological ecosystems allow us to operate efficiently, capture and create content, watch our favorite shows, and connect with the world, all in one ecosystem.  As a global tech leader, Samsung has been at the forefront of providing revolutionary, cutting-edge innovation. From appliances to premium mobile devices, tablets and smartwatches, Samsung has provided an unceasing commitment to creating technology that has transformed the lives of Filipinos. Here are some stories from loyal #TeamGalaxy members as they look back fondly on their very first encounter and where they are now with Samsung.   The OG content creation phone since the early 2010s trend  Mark started his Samsung journey in the early 2010s with the Galaxy Note2 and loved it for its large-screen viewing and gaming experience. This was quickly followed by the Samsung Edge series – the Galaxy S7 Edge fo

Book Signing Event for "Raising Moms" by Berlin Domingo-Maynigo at MIBF 2023

Prepare to be inspired and uplifted by a heartwarming journey of motherhood as Berlin Domingo-Maynigo presents her book "Raising Moms" at the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2023. The book signing event will take place on September 16th at 6:00 p.m. (Saturday) at the SMX Convention Center Manila, where literature enthusiasts and mothers alike will gather to celebrate the essence of motherhood.

About the Book: "Raising Moms"


"Raising Moms" is a captivating narrative that chronicles the author's journey toward becoming the mother her family truly deserves. Berlin Domingo-Maynigo delves into the essence of motherhood, highlighting the joys and challenges she faced while embracing the virtues that guided her along the way. 

Through her experiences, she brings to light the transformative power of cultivating virtues, fostering confidence in motherhood, and nurturing love for the family.


As readers embark on the pages of "Raising Moms," they are invited to explore the potential of acquired virtues in shaping lives, uniting families, and inspiring future generations. The book empowers mothers, encouraging them to confidently declare, "I raised myself to be the mother my family deserves."


Book Details and Pricing


- Paperback: PHP429

- Ebook: PHP250


Bulk discounts are available for the paperback version, making it an ideal gift for fellow mothers, friends, and family members. The ebook version offers accessibility and convenience for readers on the go.


About the Author: Berlin Domingo-Maynigo

Berlin Domingo-Maynigo is an esteemed copywriter with over two decades of experience in marketing and communications. Her work reflects her dedication to crafting comprehensive, relatable content that resonates with her audience. As a member of the community "The Filipino Homemakers" and the creator of the blog "Momi Berlin," Berlin shares her insights, experiences, and wisdom on modern motherhood. She resides in "the masaya house" with her husband and five beloved boys.


Join Us at MIBF 2023


The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2023 is set to take place from September 14th to 17th at the SMX Convention Center Manila. This annual event is a haven for book enthusiasts, writers, and publishers, providing a platform for literary exploration, author interactions, and book discoveries.


Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Berlin Domingo-Maynigo and secure your signed copy of "Raising Moms." Join us at the SMX Convention Center Manila on September 16th at 6:00 p.m. (Saturday) to celebrate the remarkable journey of motherhood and the virtues that shape it.


For more information about the author and the book, connect with Berlin Domingo-Maynigo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @momiberlin, as well as her blog, Momi Berlin.


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