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Galaxy all the way: Users share why they love Samsung for its 25th year in the Philippines

Looking back 25 years ago, many technological evolutions today were unimaginable. Fast forward to 2023, where digital and technological ecosystems allow us to operate efficiently, capture and create content, watch our favorite shows, and connect with the world, all in one ecosystem.  As a global tech leader, Samsung has been at the forefront of providing revolutionary, cutting-edge innovation. From appliances to premium mobile devices, tablets and smartwatches, Samsung has provided an unceasing commitment to creating technology that has transformed the lives of Filipinos. Here are some stories from loyal #TeamGalaxy members as they look back fondly on their very first encounter and where they are now with Samsung.   The OG content creation phone since the early 2010s trend  Mark started his Samsung journey in the early 2010s with the Galaxy Note2 and loved it for its large-screen viewing and gaming experience. This was quickly followed by the Samsung Edge series – the Galaxy S7 Edge fo

#MangInasalFamilyFiesta TikTok Challenge wins Gold at Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

Mang Inasal, the country’s Grill Expert, has won a Gold Stevie® Award for its #MangInasalFamilyFiesta TikTok Challenge in the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

The recognition was given under the "Innovation in the Use of Viral Media or Word of Mouth" category. Over 800 nominations were considered in various categories for this year's Stevie Awards, and the winners were determined by more than 100 judges worldwide.

Veering away from traditional advertising and paid media, Mang Inasal capitalized on viral marketing with the use of TikTok and user-generated content to raise awareness, conversations, and sales from netizens on the newly launched Family Fiesta -- a special bundle of char-grilled favorites that’s perfect for office parties, family reunions, and various gatherings.

From October 20 to November 30, 2022, netizens were enticed to order the Family Fiesta, take fun consumption videos with their family or friends, and post their videos on TikTok.

The challenge generated over 30 million TikTok views within the campaign period, or 321% higher than the target. It was so successful that fun Family Fiesta videos continued to be posted in the platform even after the campaign, which helped promote the product and make it part of netizens’ holiday celebrations. Further, the #MangInasalFamilyFiesta TikTok Challenge translated to actual sales as it helped the brand consistently exceed targets over a three-month period.

“The #MangInasalFamilyFiesta TikTok Challenge was an exciting new way for us to launch a new product and it was surely worth it,” Mang Inasal business unit head Mike V. Castro. “Through their videos, we’ve seen how our customers enjoyed Family Fiesta in different ways, whether with their families, friends, and workmates. We are so happy that this campaign united the Mang Inasal community on TikTok.”
The Gold Stevie® Award is the latest in a string of recognitions gained by Mang Inasal for its impactful digital marketing communication initiatives. Last March, the brand bagged a Silver Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines for its 2022 #MomsRuleAtMangInasal Digital Marketing and Public Relations campaign. Mang Inasal was also honored by the Marketing Excellence Awards-Philippines with a Silver Award under the Excellence in Viral Marketing category for its “16 Cups Challenge,” a March 2022 initiative that happened after SB19 member, Stell mentioned his 16 cups of rice ‘record’ in Mang Inasal. It became a three-day trending topic on Twitter, evolving later into a nationwide challenge.
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