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Mang Inasal hailed as ‘best-tasting chicken inasal’ in the Philippines

Mang Inasal   Chicken Inasal is recognized by Filipinos as the best-tasting grilled chicken in the country, based on a recent imagery survey conducted by a third-party market research agency. Held from November to December 2022, the nationwide study asked 800 consumers which grilled chicken they consider best-tasting, among other characteristics. Results showed that over 90% of the respondents pointed to Mang Inasal for having the best-tasting grilled chicken among 40 other brands the consumers were aware of.   “It’s inspiring to know that the people appreciate what we have been working hard for at Mang Inasal for the past 20 years -- which is to give our customers the best-tasting Chicken Inasal every day,” said Mang Inasal Business Unit head Mike V. Castro. “This will surely keep us going in serving more Ihaw-Sarap meals and Unli-Saya moments to all our customers.”     To mark this special milestone, a new  video advertisement  was produced, featuring Mang Inasal’s long-time brand am

Why BDO is Our Choice

"We find ways." The tagline of Banco De Oro wherein they fulfill their promise to keep the Filipinos, small entrepreneurs, and businesses with their needs.

The growth of BDO rose through the years because of its diverse and innovative ways to cater to every Filipino's needs. They continuously provide the best service possible as means to living up to their tagline, "We find ways."


BDO has made our life super convenient in many ways I can remember. My husband has had an account in BDO for years, and his clients find it very convenient to pay his professional fees through BDO. With all branches that BDO Unibank has everywhere, they can transact everywhere in any part of the country and with overseas clients. On the other hand, I could also transact and do business with them even after work hours and even during the weekends. 



BDO's variety of products offers Filipinos options on how to secure their future and business simultaneously. BDO offers life insurance for business owners' employees so that business owners can also secure their assets--their employees. The plans are customized according to the businesses so their employees' families can be assured. This way, employees will be focused on being productive at work.

It has additional add-on benefits, including cash assistance, hospitalization benefit, group disease rider, and accidental and burial assistance. 


I have wanted to have a business since I was a child. But my parents would always tell me that I needed a considerable amount of money to fund it or else I would not be able to do so. But their way of doing it is to do it conservatively--SAVE UNTIL you can afford it. But considering my cash flow monthly, I will not be able to do so. I will bury my dreams of having a business. 

BDO's SME LOAN will shed light on any aspiring small business owner who has the drive to start a business but has yet to learn how to fund their dreams. Their SME LOAN CALCULATOR will give them an idea of how much they could loan for the things they need for their dream business.


My husband and I go hand in hand in helping each other raise a family and our future. The way to do this is to assume some of the responsibilities at home; that is why I am in charge of our finances and everything about money. I am just as glad that BDO continues to innovate its way of moving our funds because I could be as flexible as possible as a mom with so many responsibilities while juggling all my home and work jobs.


I am glad that online banking at BDO has been more helpful to the rest of their depositors and me. I can pay our bills while I cook rice, I can move funds and send allowances while I am at work, and I can check our client payments while I sip my coffee. I can do it conveniently with a few taps from my phone and computer, and everything is done. All I need is an app and an internet connection, and I am good.

BDO QR Code Withdrawals

How happy am I that BDO customers can withdraw using QR codes only? My husband is very busy and sometimes needs to remember some small things at home. He is quite an old-fashioned person when it comes to finances; that is why I handle everything when it comes to finances. With this feature, he could get money anywhere, even without a physical card. 

BDO is not only a bank that can provide Filipinos solutions to all our finances, but it also helps us with financial literacy through its products. The way they present it to Filipinos, they teach us how to be responsible with our finances and how we should value our money. If you still need to start your financial journey, you can explore BDO products that fit your needs and lifestyle. 


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