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Learning Adjustments in Face-to-Face Classes

Two more months to go, and we are down to the last quarter of our face-to-face classes this year. The comeback of the face-to-face classes was challenging since I decided to return to work, and the place of work is at my kids' school. It shouldn't be that hard, but waking up early is not my thing, so it was quite an adjustment. And then the pressure of my side hustles, sometimes providing food at our table. Our life has always been like this, only that I no longer stay at home and clean our house all day, but I am now a working mom. I have no right to complain because I am happy where I am now, even though the work is not financially rewarding. 

The idea of me working at my kids' school is that I could still oversee my children because I am a clingy mom like that. I want to monitor them because let us admit it, the time has changed so much, and the children have also changed due to the pandemic. They missed two years of their childhood and have a lot of adjustments in general. 

My children faced so many adjustments when it came to their academics. I must admit that I couldn't focus on their academics during the past two years (pandemic) because we became preoccupied at that time with our side hustles and us trying to survive.

I couldn't give attention to my kids' studies since our priority was breathing in and living as they passed. Even though we are behind academic-wise, I still find balance in everything regarding my children. I want them to enjoy childhood while studying, doing projects, and living in the digital era. It is challenging because let us face it, the only way we can cope with the changes is to embrace the change itself, find the balance, and make sure that we are okay with it and living harmoniously. 

I believe in integration when it comes to learning. That is why I integrate everything when I teach and review my children with their lessons. My children are visual learners who can memorize something through repetition. I let them play in between classes. But as a mom, I look into the games and the websites they play online. I am one of those parents who try to make the digital world a safe place for our children as much as possible. I only introduce them to websites that will benefit them and help them in learning. 

I recently discovered a website with many choices of online games that will benefit my children. Since I need study reinforcement, this will be a good tool for them to love learning from a different perspective.

These are the games that I will recommend to a fellow mom who wants to integrate games into their kids and at the same time learn.

Supermarket NumbersThis game teaches the kids mental math. The aim is to reach the number on the left side within the given time frame.

Hidden food. This game teaches my kids sharpness and quick response. Finding the missing object within a given time frame would be best. I enjoy playing this game too.

Cash Back. It also teaches math to young kids by dealing with money. I needed this game for my young children as they need to learn how to handle money well.

Burger Shop.
This game teaches how fast you can be with precision. 

I could recommend these games, but there are a lot more on the website. Playing games together with your children while teaching them lessons is a fun thing to do. 

How about you? How do you integrate playing with your lessons to your children?


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