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MetroMart offers multiple ₱1 deals in 11.11 MEGA PISO SALE

  Supermarket promos and big discounts this Nov 11-15, 2022 PHILIPPINES – MetroMart, the no.1 on-demand online grocery delivery platform, provides multiple PISO SALES with leading supermarket partners, discount sales, and FREE Delivery in the 11.11 Mega PISO SALE this November 11-15, 2022  The 11.11 Mega PISO SALE, will feature items that can be purchased for only ₱1.00 when you order and get it delivered via MetroMart across select branches of S&R, Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, Landmark, Robinsons Easymart, Shopwise, Ever Supermarket, UltraMega and No Brand. All products are available for ₱1.00 only through the entire promo duration of November 11-15. Please see the 11.11 Mega PISO SALE itinerary below: SUPERMARKET PRODUCT SRP PROMO PRICE S&R SPAM Luncheon Meat 25% Less Sodium ₱228.00 ₱1.00 Robinsons Supermarket Selecta Fortified Milk 1LX2pcs ₱150.50 ₱1.00 The Marketplace CDO Hamon de Bola 850G ₱313.00 ₱1.00 Landmark Delimondo Ranch Style Corned Beef 380g ₱174.00 ₱1.

What are the Top Industries in Cincinnati?

If you are relocating to a city, it is important to become familiar with certain things. Obviously, you will want to know things like what the weather is like and what neighborhoods are the best to live in, but you will also want to know what the economy is like and which places are hiring so you can get a jumpstart on applying for jobs.

If you are planning an upcoming move to Cincinnati and want to get an idea of the top industries in the city, you are well on your way to being informed about the job market and your career opportunities post-move. The top industries in Cincinnati include: 

Medical Devices and Healthcare Related Industries

While you may not think of Ohio first when you think of the medical device and biomedical industry, you should definitely have them near the top of your list. Cincinnati in particular is known as being one of the top cities for medical device manufacturing, as well as biomedical research.

Interestingly, Cincinnati also has a thriving healthcare technology field, which combines two of the fields later in this list, manufacturing and technology. The top sector of Ohio’s manufacturing industry is medical devices, and those devices are becoming increasingly high tech, so it makes sense that the Cincinnati area has professionals who can manufact

ure and keep devices running. Technology is also extremely important in the healthcare industry in general, and this is reflected in Cincinnati’s top industries.


While manufacturing has died out in many cities formerly known as manufacturing hubs, the industry is actually thriving in Cincinnati due to its strategic location. As previously noted, Cincinnati manufactures medical devices.

However, the city is also known as a manufacturer in the aerospace, automotive, and food industries. If you are in search of a manufacturing job, there are many Cincinnati houses for sale.


Again, Cincinnati might not be the first city that springs to mind when you think of technology, but there are plenty of cities outside of Silicon Valley that have thriving tech industries, and Cincinnati is one of them. 

Due to the cost-friendliness of the area toward business, as well as the general affordable cost-of-living provided to employees, many tech companies are choosing to do business in Cincinnati, and this growth brings with it job growth in the tech field. Some technology areas that are flourishing in Cincinnati include cybersecurity, data analytics, and supply chain technology, which makes sense, given that manufacturing is another top industry.

There are certainly other industries that are thriving in Cincinnati, including professional services, which covers financial services, office support, and more. However, the healthcare-related industries, manufacturing, and technology industries are really growing in the city. 

If you are looking for a specific job in any of these industries, consider taking a look at the city of Cincinnati. You may just find the perfect job in your preferred industry with an affordable cost-of-living that would make a move worth it.


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