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Road to Financial Freedom

  “Spendthrift” is my mom’s mantra for how she handles money. As soon as she started giving me monetary money when I was in 6th grade, she would tell me not to spend everything, especially on the things that I do not need. Thanks to my mom, I learned how to save in a piggy bank early on. But as I grow up, things change. I learned that to live a decent life, we need to work hard for the life that we want. But being a nurse in my country, the salary is not enough to feed our family let alone live a comfortable life. I have three children and pets at home. To sustain all our needs, I need to find ways how to earn in addition to what my husband is earning. I started to find ways how to earn passive income and a steady stream of income. Growing up, I know that once you graduate from college and earn a degree, you can earn a living. But there was a shift of mindset when I was exposed to the power of social media. Admittedly, it helped me open doors to many opportunities including learning di

Get Your Pets Insured at Cebuana Lhuillier's Pet Basic Insurance

I must admit that I was a hesitant person with to regards pets. My kids and I have allergic rhinitis, so I was reluctant to get dogs. Fast forward today; we now have three dogs, two cats, and two hamsters. Indeed having pets is a big responsibility. It is like taking care of kids that did not come from your womb. I must admit that they have been a great help to our family. Pets are my number one de-stressor, and just merely caressing them makes me feel so relieved from my day's work. On the other hand, my kids have a sense of responsibility by taking care of them because they are in charge of feeding our pets. I guide them on providing food to our pets properly, and that is their everyday chore to tick off their list. 

Our Siberian Husky: Fluffy

Our Himalayan-Persian cat: Abu

Our Persian cat: Pepper

Our hamster: Flower

But one thing that most pet owners don't realize is that having pets means having to allot extra funds for all their needs. Their needs don't end with providing them adequate food and grooming. It entails vaccination, tick control, heartworm prevention, etc. For us pet owners not to worry about our pet's incidental expenses, Cebuana Lhuillier is one of the Philippines' leading and largest micro-financial service providers and a champion in financial inclusivity and mobility, recently launched its new venture insurance for dogs.

Philippines' growing industry for pets like dogs has a small chunk of funds allocated for grooming and nutrition. But for their extensive health care and hospitalization, most pet owners are financially challenged in this aspect because, let us admit, most of us do not believe in health insurance per se. 

Cebuana Lhuillier's Pet Insurance Basic is a micro-insurance product made for fur babies whihc expected to serve as a pause for dog-owners saddled with large veterinary bills for check-ups, procedures, and medical emergencies. 

Pet Insurance Basic provides reimbursement from any veterinary treatment or confinement in a vet hospital should there be any accident or disease and burial assistance. Pet Insurance also offers liability coverage feature when the pet do caused damage to the owner's home. Owners are also insured for personal accidents up to P25,000. For as low as P1,100 or P3.00/day, you can get all of therse insurance benefits and features for one-year coverage. 

Interested pet owners can get their insurance through the online apps Shopee and Lazada. Requirements for application includes the following: 1. Application from the microsite, 2. Picture of the pet, 3. Vaccination card or petbook. 

For more information on the Pet Insurance Plan, follow them on their social media accounts here Facebook (, and Instagram here (


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