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Road to Financial Freedom

  “Spendthrift” is my mom’s mantra for how she handles money. As soon as she started giving me monetary money when I was in 6th grade, she would tell me not to spend everything, especially on the things that I do not need. Thanks to my mom, I learned how to save in a piggy bank early on. But as I grow up, things change. I learned that to live a decent life, we need to work hard for the life that we want. But being a nurse in my country, the salary is not enough to feed our family let alone live a comfortable life. I have three children and pets at home. To sustain all our needs, I need to find ways how to earn in addition to what my husband is earning. I started to find ways how to earn passive income and a steady stream of income. Growing up, I know that once you graduate from college and earn a degree, you can earn a living. But there was a shift of mindset when I was exposed to the power of social media. Admittedly, it helped me open doors to many opportunities including learning di

BDO Supports MSMEs

The Micro, small scale, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the most challenging hit sector during the pandemic, even if they account for more than 90% of enterprises. They are the backbone of the economy, as MSMEs employ more than 5.3M of our fellow Filipinos. 

Governor Benjamin Diokno of the (BSP) Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has stressed the urgency to help Micro Small Medium Enterprises to help sustain their businesses to continue to provide the best essential products and essential services to people each day. 


Small business owners can now sustain their business operations through the Kabuhayan Loan of BDO Network Bank (BDONB). The MSMEs operating for three years are now qualified to apply for a loan amounting between PHP 30,000 to PHP1 million. They can purchase the needed equipment, buy the required equipment or assets, increase their inventory of stocks, and expand their business in other locations. 

A micro-enterprise owner Ernesto Abad, from Los Baños, Laguna, was one of among the thousands who benefited from the Kabuhayan Loan. He was able to increase his inventory through the help of BDONB, 

“I did not expect that even during the pandemic, BDONB would offer to lend me the fund I need to buy additional poultry feeds. Closing the store in the meantime crossed my mind, but I was hesitant to do it since it is my only source of income. The monthly remittance from my wife in Dubai was also affected due to lockdown,” he narrated. He found a bank that he considered a partner which helped him kept his business running and let him to serve the customers in his community who are into poultry farming. 

Ensuring the accessibility of goods is another concern for small business owners apart from increasing the inventory of stocks. Reaching her customers is essential in this pandemic according to Lulu Saquing of Cagayan Valley Region. Through the help of the Kabuhayan Loan, she could buy a van that made her deliver goods to the wholesalers. The van also served as a rolling store in her community to reach people with limited mobility.


BDONB--the community bank of BDO Unibank, quickly implemented COVID-19 related safety protocols and periodic antigen tests in response of their MSME clients' needs in the corporate offices and branches to ensure the safety of employees. The clients are then assured of continuous financial assistance despite this time of pandemic. 

The account officers met borrowers at checkpoints, towns, or stores to pick up loan document requirements in areas with strict quarantine measures. Despite the branches remained open, the BDONB team found ways to adapt to the new normal and continously serve clients who could not go to banks physically due to their restrictions with travel. 

The BDONB remains committed in providing continous financial assistance to different micro-entrepreneurs and help MSMEs surpass the effects of the pandemic. Anyone who is interested in applying for Kabuhayan Loan, the list of requirements is on their website ( ) and their official FB page (


  1. Laking tulong talaga nitong kabuhayan loan ng BDO para maka survive ung mga may small business. Maraming salamat BDO 🎉❣️

  2. Ang galing naman ng support na binigay ni BDO para sa mga Small business upang maitayo ulit at kumita ang negosyo nila we find ways talaga si BDO salute sayo

  3. Malaking tulong ito at suporta mula sa BDO kahit yung mga small businesses ay makakaginhawa at unti unting makabangon ngayong panahon ng pandema. Napakagandang adhikain ❤️

  4. Salamat kay BDO at nagkaroon sila ng ganitong service para makatulong sa ating mga negosyante.


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