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KDrama: 18 Again Review and Life Lessons

I started watching Kdrama a few years ago. It was influenced by my sister who is such a fan of Korean actors and I eventually got curious about it. It started with the trending Kdrama that time which I will write about later on. Initially, it was just a pastime because I really love binge watching tv series. Now, I found myself subscribed to Netlfix, Viu and other Kdrama platforms. The first Kdrama that I will be reviewing here is 18 Again. The story is about a young college couple Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha-neul) and Hong Dae Yong (Yong Sang-hyoon) who was blessed with fraternal twins Hong Shi-ah (Roh Jeong-eui) and Hong Shi-woo (Ryeoun). Their marriage started to fall apart when Jung Da Jung thinks that her husband has been into alcohol and not realizing they have pressing problems other than alcohol. Hong Dae Yong wished for him to turn back so he could fix his life, and suddenly morphs himself into a teenager with a mind of a 37 year old. He began living his life like a teenager and made

JOHNSON’S® launches upgraded Milk+Rice range through Powerville, providing #PoweredUpProtection for growing babies

Many parents consider their babies turning one year old a milestone to be celebrated. It marks their entry into a new age and stage in their childhood– the toddler stage. This stage is especially exciting for first-time parents– as they witness a lot of firsts in their babies’ growth and development. Toddlers in this stage of development are significantly more mobile compared to when they were infants. These growing babies are now able to crawl, climb, and even begin to walk, leaving parents trailing behind and worried about their baby’s skin. Babies’ skin is one of the causes of concern as they become more adventurous because their toddlers are now beginning to encounter different surfaces with the uncertainty of how their skin would react. With this, moms are looking for the best way to provide the protection their babies’ developing skin needs.

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JOHNSON’S® Baby, as the leading brand for childcare products, provides the best solution for protecting growing babies’ skin through its newly upgraded Milk+Rice Bath and Lotion. The reformulation calls for 100% more milk proteins and real rice extracts that protect, so when used together, both Bath and Lotion create a gentle layer of protection on baby’s skin against skin microdamage– which is characterized by dryness causing redness and irritation. The company launched the reformulation of the Milk+Rice Bath and Lotion through its campaign, #PoweredUpProtection, which centers around the kulit-likot phase of toddlers and growing babies. The campaign features celebrity mombassador Anne Curtis and her daughter Dahlia, who both  appeared in their first TV Commercial with JOHNSON’S® Baby.


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The campaign launched with its virtual event called the JOHNSON’S® Milk+Rice Powerville that unveiled and celebrated the reformulated range with our partner Mombassador communities, media partners, as well as the public---it was the brand’s first ever activation of its kind. Crismer Tiria, senior marketing manager at Johnson & Johnson Philippines Inc., remarked, “Our team was excited to open the gates to JOHNSON’S® Milk+Rice Powerville. We wanted the brand to adapt to how events are done these days to still reach our audiences who are mostly staying at home.” 

Anne was able to share her excitement for the campaign and the launch event itself, “I couldn’t be happier when I learned that I would be taking part in my JOHNSON’S® family’s first virtual event of its kind. I hope that all my fellow moms were able to know more about how they can best take care of their little ones and of course, had fun.”

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Guests were able to explore the different spots in the digital town from their personal devices. Among the spots of Powerville was the Pavilion, where they were able to watch celebrity mombassador Anne Curtis engaging in a dialogue with head of Scientific Engagement for Baby Care APAC Robert Kwon, and Dr. Marivi Dizon, a pediatric dermatologist. They talked about the importance of providing the #PoweredUpProtection toddlers need, as well as letting the audience know more about the upgraded Milk+Rice formula.

Robert Kwon explained the motivation behind the new formula, “Johnson’s Baby has always been the leading brand for baby care because of our efforts to innovate and improve our products. We constantly conduct studies and research to make sure that our products are the best quality and designed for babies. Our highlight product for today, the new Johnson’s Milk+Rice contains 100% more milk proteins than the previous product, that can help nourish skin, plus real rice extracts that can help protect.” He introduced the Milk+Rice products as the solution to combatting the common threats of skin microdamage, while Dr. Marivi explained more about what these are. “Skin microdamage means that there is an effect on babies’ skin coming from impact or friction, even if we don’t visibly see the damage on their skin. As the term suggests, this is more evident when we look closely on a tissue level or under a special microscope. This can differ for every baby. For some, this can look like red patches on their knees or elbows because of crawling. Some babies also experience this as having flaky and dry skin from the lack of moisturization. There are also other cases that manifest irritation through rashes.”

Moms were also able to experience various fun activities found in different booths, such as the Play Area and Mom & Baby Photobooth. They visited the Neighbormoms area and heard what their fellow moms had to say about the new Bath and Lotion and the kulit-likot stage. The event also made purchasing the new product more convenient and accessible as e-commerce platforms were linked.

JOHNSON’S® Baby senior marketing manager Crismer Tiria expressed his gratitude to all the loyal consumers and guests present at the event. “On behalf of our team, I would like to thank everyone for joining us at JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk+Rice Powerville. I am so excited for mothers and parents to see what we have in store for the rest of the campaign, and hope that their unwavering support to the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand continues on.” 

The upgraded JOHNSON’S® Milk+Rice Bath and Lotion are available in J&J PH Chat & Shop,  all leading supermarkets, and official Johnson & Johnson Shopee and Lazada accounts. To know more about the new JOHNSON’S® Milk+Rice formula and  to get more tips on toddlers’ skincare, visit, like JOHNSON’S® Baby PH on Facebook, and follow JOHNSON’S® Instagram account @johnsonsbabyph.


  1. The best po talaga ang Johnsons para sa ating mga kids kase po ganda po talaga sa skin ng kids po ito.


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