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Mang Inasal spreads Unli-Saya at Panagbenga 2024

Mang Inasal   treated locals and tourists with a series of Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya activities at the recent Panagbenga Festival 2024 in Baguio City.   The Philippines’ Grill Expert participated in the Fluvial Parade, Cultural Dance Competition, and Grand Float Parade. It will also give away special awards to several Panagbenga competitions this March 3.     Apart from that, Mang Inasal delighted Panagbenga participants with a special dine-in and takeout deal that was the Festival Group Treats; Unli-Sarap, Unli-Saya Caravan which have away free Halo-Halo and Palabok; and the first-ever Mang Inasal Takeout Express Booth that featured offsite grilling of the best-tasting Chicken Inasal.   “It’s our pleasure to bring the Unli-Saya of eating Mang Inasal products to regional festivals like Panagbenga,” expressed Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. “Seeing the public happily enjoying their Ihaw-Sarap meals especially our Chicken Inasal and even our Halo-Halo and Palabok are simple pleasure

Dear Survivor; Our Challenges During Pandemic In a Nutshell


The past year was a challenge on top of the country’s challenge to fight off the pandemic we are in. It started when everything else was shut down to the point that our livelihood was mainly affected since husband is a non-essential worker. We had to stay home with no hopes of when this virus would ever end. As days go by, we get used to boredom, the uncertainty as to what our next meal will be, when we are able to go back to work, when will the children be able to go outdoors again and when do I get to see our families. Everything was a question left unanswered. 


During the first quarter of the year, I learned bad news from my mom. My aunt who was my and my children’s pediatrician got ill and the doctors tending to her cannot agree to a final diagnosis. She had to undergo several diagnostic tests and procedures but couldn’t find what was wrong with her. The elders had to call every doctor in the family here and abroad for a conference almost every week. It was only during the few weeks of her life when they found out that it was a rare type of cancer and she finally succumbed to it. The hardest part was, we were in the middle of a pandemic and I cannot pay my proper respects to her. All I ever did was to tell her through a phone call, “Tets, I am sorry and you can go now. We love you so much and I will love and take care of our family. Please do not worry about us. Please look after us and our kids.” That was it. It has been almost a year and the pain still lingers. 


Our private resort

Our resthouse

I was silently asking myself as to when the kids will be able to go out again to play outdoors and to breathe fresh air, because my daughter who was diagnosed with Selective Mutism had to stop her therapy and then a bittersweet opportunity came knocking at our door. We invested in a vacation house close to our place. The whole process of acquiring the property was a long story which involved emotional turmoil but what is important is, my kids could get to enjoy our place we called our second home. Now we are managing it as a private resort and I could say that despite all that has happened, I am happy to say that my daughter is now slowly talking and interacting with other kids other than her siblings. It means that her condition is slowly getting better. That alone is a win for me.



Before the year 2020 ended, it was a pain to see how my husband mustered the courage to close down his law office for the longest time. All of his clients were also greatly affected economically by the pandemic and it was a domino effect for us. Our main bread and butter has been closed down for good.


A day after my birthday, my husband felt ill. He had on and off fever for 5 days and it happened during the surge of Covid cases in the hospitals so I chose to treat him instead at home. I called my uncle who is an internist and he had to manage him virtually. He asked me if I could insert a venous access and give him IV antibiotics because he is also against hospital admission. My husband was diagnosed with Pneumonia with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. I had to isolate my husband into one of the rooms in our house. For three weeks, I had to be a mom, a nurse, an errand girl, a dietician and a driver all at the same time. I had to drive to different drugstores to look for IV antibiotics, IV supplies and manage the house and the kids. I had to drive my husband to get his diagnostic procedures done. I prayed to God to give me strength everyday to fulfill my obligations and duties as a mom.

This was my third IV re-insertion. Medical supplies was hard to source during this time.

Half of the medicines I had to buy

Sad reality that we had to go through everyday. 

April 2021 was the longest month in our lives apart from the start of the pandemic last year. We prayed as a family that soon, my husband would get through this and now he is slowly recovering. 



Despite the closure of my husband’s office, so many opportunities came our way as a family. I get constant projects as a freelancer and there is continuous food on our table. Life has been challenging and will continue to challenge us. What is important is that every time there are problems, we should recognize it early on and always find a solution rather than sulk in it. We should also learn from it and continue to improve ourselves to be able to continuously fight the challenges that will come our way. 

Despite the challenges, we still have food on our table.

The number of deaths in our family last year made me realize the importance of giving time to our loved ones. Being friends with them on social media is not enough. Whatever shortcomings and conflicts we may have with them, it is best to settle it because life is too short for our petty dramas. Let us make more memories with them while they are still alive.

When my husband got sick, I realized that even though you don’t tell people what you are going through, there will be an outpouring of support from our family and friends. My husband would always tell me, “always do good even though no one is watching and blessings will be a hundred fold.” The people who prayed for us for him to get better everyday was more than enough to get through our recent ordeal. 

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia’s “Write to Ignite Blogging Project Season 2: Dear Survivor”. The initiative continues to respond to the needs of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crises. The initiative aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the situation. The “Write to Ignite Blogging Project” Season 2 is made possible by ComCO Southeast Asia, with Eastern Communications and Jobstreet as co-presenters, and with AirAsia and Xiaomi as major sponsors.



Rest in paradise Tets. We love you so much! ##surrender ##foryoupage ##fyp

♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

We all  have our stories and silent battles. What about you? What is your survivor story?


  1. Mommy Ning, grabe yang pinagdaanan nyo ha. Sobrang nakakapraning dun sa part na nagkasakit si hubby mo. Buti na lang kamo na nurse ka. We all fought different battles throughout this pandemic. And I can truly say that these trials taught us many things. This pandemic made me realize that life is really too short to be taken for granted. Ilang beses kaming nagkasakit at gumastos. Pinakamagastos yung sa akin because I have kidney stones + fatty liver na hindi ko talaga inakalang meron ako. 3 members of hubby's family had Covid. Take note that before this pandemic, hindi na ko nakikipag-usap sa kahit na sino sa kanila. Since 2016 yun. But when this pandemic started, unti-unti kaming nagkakalapit (though not physically). I don't know how but it just happened. I realized na life is too short to hold grudges, then I just let my grudges melt away. Kaya nga hanga ako sa mga taong hindi natinag ng pandemic, yung mga taong naging bato na. Yung mga taong pinaiiral pa rin ang pride. Hay, ewan ko sa kanila. Basta ako, ayoko na ng negativity.


  3. May survival story na kahit sobrang wala at gipit kami dahil sa pandemic kinakaya namin at hinahanapan ng paraan para yong mga pangangailangan namin at lalo na ng baby namin ay mabili namin.

  4. You're so strong enough to face all the challenges Mommy. We all struggles, even our Family during this pandemic. My husband also was affected for 3mos of no work. Glad, that my Family and my in-laws was there to helped us financially.

    Everyone was affected, but we still thanked God that we have food to eat. And the rest of the family was healthy.

    You're so strong Mommy to faced all the hardships. God never leaves you. ❤️❤️ We should never stop praying. God is in control of everything.

  5. Salute to you Momsh for being strong nakaya mo lahat ng challenges. Kapag para sa family talaga lahat nakakaya kahit gaano kahirap sa tulong na din ng buong family at ni God 💟

  6. Now a days dami talagang naghihirap, nagtitipid dahil ang iba nawalan ng trabaho...dahil sa pandemic na to we need to fight it, , pray and have faith to god...babalik din sa dati ang lahat

  7. Your journey,is such a heartwarming story,I may not be in that situation but I do feel the pain and agony,above all this ,at the end of the day,hope and wellness are the most important

  8. We're facing this pandemic for more than two years already. Sobrang malaking pagbabago Ang naidulot nito Sa ating mga Buhay. Maraming natamaan Ng COVID19, at mga sinawimpalad/namatay. kAya maituturing natin na survivor Tayo Kasi nandito parin Tayo, Buhay, Sa awa ng Diyos, kahit na marami Sa ating nawalan Ng trabaho, ipagpasalamat parin natin Sa Kanya lahat Ng biyaya na ating natatanggap. 🙏

  9. My survival story is yung time na paubos na ang ipon namin ng Partner ko because of this Pandemic yung halos ma iyak² ka dahil sa gutom. Kapapanganak ko lng nung nag start ang Lockdown at nag stop din ang business ng partner ko (Souvenir shop po ang business ng Partner ko) breastfeeding kami ng LO ko pero may 3yrs old toddler ako na nag mimilk at nag dadiaper pa that time Kaya nung naubos na ang pera namin napilitan akung e stop ang Milk niya at Diaper. Pero Dispite po sa mga pagsubok na napagdaanan namin ng Partner ko tanging prayer lng ang naging sandata namin sa mga panahon na yun at naniniwala kami na God will Provide kaya thankful kami kay God kasi hindi niya kami pinabayaan at walang nagkakasit ni isa sa aming Pamilya..❤🙏

  10. Like mommy Berlin na inspire din po ako kung paano kayo nagpaka tatag para sa pamilya niyo noong naharap kayo sa mga malalaking pagsubok po sa inyo. Mahirap po talaga ang mga pinagdaanan ng lahat kase nawalan na ng work, nawalang ng business at ang masakit eh mawalan ng mahal sa buhay. Pero sa kabila ng ito eh nalagpasan natin at pinag papatuloy pa rin ang buhay.

  11. Sabi nga nila there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...Maraming pagsubok ang dadaan sa buhay natin ang mahalaga ay patuloy tayong lumaban. Maging mabuting tao...piliin maging mabuti para kahit mawala man tayo sa mundo may marka tayong maiiwan tobinspire people.

  12. Dumaan man trials still may blessings parin. You are blessed mommy.

  13. Grabe, Ning! Hindi halatang napakarami mong pinagdaanan. I am so proud of you! You stood the test of time. I hope and pray for more blessings to come to your family. May awa ang Diyos. Hindi siya natutulog. Always stay safe and healthy.

  14. I cannot imagine how hard it was for you having to carry all the burden when your husband got sick. Financial woes kaya natin yan eh basta magkakasama pamilya. Pero pag health na, my gosh ang hirap hirap lalo na kapag partner na natin ang may sakit. Thank God you were all able to surpass these. The universe conspired to give you help when you needed. Tama si Husband about doing good and it will come back to you. God is good!

  15. You have always been a strong woman, and has managed to get through the hardships that life has thrown at you. You are a survivor and I am super happy for your new business venture which I hope to visit one day soon.

  16. You have always been a strong woman, and has managed to get through the hardships that life has thrown at you. You are a survivor and I am super happy for your new business venture which I hope to visit one day soon.

  17. Sometimes we are pushed to the point of giving up just to see and realize we can make it. We are proud of what you have become and what your family has accomplished. Your strength is so commendable.

  18. Indeed " life is too short for our petty dramas. Let us make more memories with them while they are still alive" kaya naman ganyan din ang ginagawa ko ngayon sa mga kapatid ko kahit nasaktan ako sa mga nangyari nung nakaraan. Masmasarap mamuhay na walang galit sa puso. And tama si Atty, lagi lang tayo gumawa ng mabuti sa kapwa, si Lord na ang bahala sa atin at sa mga mahal natin. Kudos to you! Isa ka talagang supermomma 💛🙏


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