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2021; One Year After The Lockdown

Exactly a year ago, almost everyone faced the battle of being locked down at home. Not everyone has the privilege to work in their home's comforts, let alone provide for their families' needs. The sadness and devastation were all over social media and sometimes can be more frustrating and loud if you continue to linger on it. But what can we do? It is a global pandemic that most of us are caught red-handed and restricted our movements. We faced the uncertainty of when this pandemic will end and how it will go for the next months after that.

It was okay for some for the first few months, but then not all can cope with the situation, especially those whose jobs are in the corporate world wherein they need to close down their offices and declare bankruptcy. Many families were affected and had to shift to working from home to stay afloat in this situation we are all in right now.


This pandemic greatly affected us, that we had to close our primary source of income for now. The clients could hardly pay their piled-up dues, and the only thing we can do for them accept it. There were also delays in releasing payments from our clients, which made it hard for me to account for our daily expenses in the following months after that. The mobility was limited, going to supermarkets and grocery stores. It felt like we were living in the '70s that we have to abide by the curfew hours. Again, I appreciated the discipline behind it. For a few months, fellow Filipinos were amenable to the situation.

Even if there was no definite plan the government could lay out to the people, there were kind-hearted citizens who choose to help and give out good to those in extreme need. 


When the boredom started to kick in, we tried to use our time at home, and we fixed everything that needed fixing long overdue. Maybe this was the only way to stay together and realize that family is still important after all. By staying at home, we also realized that we need to get back to life's basics. It was when we realized the importance of an autonomous house, having your backyard, and growing your crops and vegetables. It suddenly hit me that I started missing life in the countryside. I tried increasing my vegetables in pots again.

My vegetables in pots


Fixed my kids' room to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year

Even before this pandemic, I decided to homeschool the children; that is why before the year ended, I was already reading books, blogs and asking where and what provider would fit our family's lifestyle. It took me three months to finally decide that maybe for starters, I should try the module learning for them. I was excited and yet uncertain of what will happen for the following months. I was only sure that this is the best learning fit for my children, given my home's responsibilities.

My youngest studying at home

I enrolled my three kids in a modular type of learning. The first few months were okay, but then there came a time when I became too busy with work that I neglect the kids' modules. It is challenging to make them write their names well, let alone answer all their subjects. But this is the new normal that we have to face until the school year ends.


Our first time in Caliraya Waters

After a few months, the city was in GCQ or General Community Quarantine. There was little mobility in the goods, and the economy has been slowly moving. I was pretty skeptical about it, given that I am a nurse by profession, and people have been so complacent. But then again, I have constantly reminded the husband whenever he goes out to be careful and follow safety protocols at all cost.

I almost lost hope in my career, but so many doors opened for me, and the opportunities were endless. When I started to doubt the food on our table, there came knocking so many food opportunities. I cannot stress enough how much this lockdown has been terrifying and hopeful at the same time. 

Brands who trusted me during the height of quarantine

After few months in the quarantine period, someone introduced us to Caliraya, and we suddenly fell in love with it. Fast forward today; we already built a small house where the kids and we could relax and accept family and guests in the future. 


When the time we could still go out to the malls

Our frequent Korean Ice cream dates

Someday, I am still praying that everything will be back to what it was before. It may never be the same again, but I hope that the kids could go out freely without having to worry about getting infected and sick. That they could freely explore the wonderful we are in and be able to enjoy their childhood.

What about you, what has changed during the first year under the quarantine, and what realizations it gave you?


  1. Struggle is real during pandemic but the thing here,we tend to survive. Inspiring and motivating

  2. Napakarami po ng mga natutunan at nagbago sa amin simula ng pandemya. Natuto kame mas magtipid at pagtuunan ng pansin ang aming kalusugan.


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