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Galaxy all the way: Users share why they love Samsung for its 25th year in the Philippines

Looking back 25 years ago, many technological evolutions today were unimaginable. Fast forward to 2023, where digital and technological ecosystems allow us to operate efficiently, capture and create content, watch our favorite shows, and connect with the world, all in one ecosystem.  As a global tech leader, Samsung has been at the forefront of providing revolutionary, cutting-edge innovation. From appliances to premium mobile devices, tablets and smartwatches, Samsung has provided an unceasing commitment to creating technology that has transformed the lives of Filipinos. Here are some stories from loyal #TeamGalaxy members as they look back fondly on their very first encounter and where they are now with Samsung.   The OG content creation phone since the early 2010s trend  Mark started his Samsung journey in the early 2010s with the Galaxy Note2 and loved it for its large-screen viewing and gaming experience. This was quickly followed by the Samsung Edge series – the Galaxy S7 Edge fo

Why You Need Potatoes In Your Diet And Easy Potato Recipe

My entire family loves bonding over food. If there is one thing that I could tirelessly do for my family, it is to cook delicious meals for them. One consideration in my meal planning is that I need to make sure that everyone at home enjoys and loves what I cook. Everyone in the family eats vegetables except my eldest and the only vegetable he eats is potatoes. So I really have to include potatoes in my meals more often.




I believe it is still best to get proper nutrition from whole food sources. Potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin C (30% of DV) and a good source of Potassium (15%), nutrients we need to keep us healthy, energized, and strong. What’s more, potatoes have zero fat, cholesterol, and sodium.




In order for you to prepare your best potato recipes, you need to make sure you pick fresh potatoes that are clean, smooth, firm-textured, with no cuts, bruises, or discoloration.




Potatoes are a staple in my pantry. Aside from having longer shelf life compared to most veggies, they are also so versatile that they can be included in most of my recipes. They are also readily available and affordable.


 But how should we store potatoes? Here are some tips:


     Do not wash potatoes prior to storage. Store them in a well-ventilated part of your pantry or kitchen. Wash potatoes only when you’re ready to cook them.

     Do not place potatoes inside the fridge as this converts the starch into sugar and causes discoloration.

    Do not place potatoes in areas where there is high temperature or direct sunlight. This might cause them to easily develop sprouts. Not to worry, just cut out the sprouts when you’re ready to cook the potatoes.



Storage isn’t a problem, though, if you use dehydrated potatoes. Yes, you read it right, dehydrated. It’s the same nutrient-rich potatoes, with just the water removed. Potatoes USA makes products like potato flakes, granules, and flour available in the Philippines. Dehydrated potatoes take versatility to another level. You can use them in your main dishes, appetizers, snacks, and soups. They can also be ingredients in desserts, bread, and pastries.


Other potato forms that Potatoes USA promotes locally are frozen potatoes and, of course, fresh or table-stock potatoes that you can find in groceries nationwide. However, if you are interested in dehydrated potatoes, you can check out baking supply stores or reach out to Potatoes USA Philippines via their Facebook and Instagram.




Because potatoes are very versatile and easy to cook, I would like to share with you this Baked Cheesy Potato recipe that you can try at home.  Trust me when I say it’s easy. I have three children and four dogs to tend to but still managed to make this yummy treat. You can also find ingredients in your nearest store.





Potatoes, washed properly

White onion, ⅛-¼ cup, minced

Bacon, cooked and cut into small strips (optional)

Unsalted butter, ⅛-¼ cup, melted

Cheddar cheese, ⅛-¼ cup, grated

Dried basil leaves



Vegetable oil


  • Pick fresh potatoes and wash them properly. Make sure, there are no soil and other impurities on its skin.
  • Prepare the ingredients.
  • Bake the clean potatoes in the preheated oven with temperature 200c for 30-45 minutes until tender. Let it cool.
  • Cut the potatoes in half and remove the portion of potato flesh leaving about ⅛ inch of shell and flesh. Mash the potato flesh in a separate bowl.

  • Saute white onion in vegetable oil and bacon strips and set it aside.
  • Mix the mashed potato flesh and white onion mixture in the bowl and add in melted unsalted butter and grated cheddar cheese.

  • Scoop in the mixture into the potatoes and garnish with dried basil leaves.

  • Bake it in the preheated oven with a temperature of 200c for another 30 minutes until cheese and crust start to brown.
  • Serve and enjoy!


What is your go-to favorite potato recipe? If you would like to try them out, I will be having a giveaway for all of you.


Make sure to follow the mechanics below to be able to qualify for the giveaway.


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  1. Gusto ko ma'try ung cheesy potato,kaso Wala kami oven para i'bake,Ang Alam ko Lang na favorite ko na luto ng potato is ung fries saka potato sa nilaga nilalagay.Pero Ang dami ko nakikita na pwde Rin Ang potato cupcake,nakakaengganyo gumawa

  2. Gusto ko ma'try ung cheesy potato,kaso Wala kami oven para i'bake,Ang Alam ko Lang na favorite ko na luto ng potato is ung fries saka potato sa nilaga nilalagay.Pero Ang dami ko nakikita na pwde Rin Ang potato cupcake,nakakaengganyo gumawa

  3. Favorite ko ang potato cheese ball gnagawa ko un pang snack ng mga anak ko love na love din kasi nila ang potato 😍 gusto ko din try ang bakes cheese potato recipe mo po . Magaya salamat po sa pagshare

  4. FB: KC B. Recto

    My Fave Potato recipe


    Breading Mix
    Evap Milk (Small)
    All Purpose Flour (1Cup)
    Black Pepper

    -Peel and Slice Potatoes
    -Combine breading mix all purpose flour, and black pepper
    -Stir well
    -Combine egg and milk
    -Dip sliced potatoes in Egg milk mixture and dip into breading mix
    -Hit oil for frying
    -And then fry potato mojos till its Golden Brown.

    Serve hot! 🥰

  5. Wow. ❤️ Thank you for the tips and recipe mommy potatoes and cheese goes well together. ❤️ Sharing my favourite recipe.

    Potato and cheese chowder.

    2 potatoes diced and boiled
    1/2 cup of white onions minced
    1tb minced garlic
    1/2xcup diced bacon
    4tb butter
    1can whole corn kernel
    1 cup milk
    4 cups chicken stock or water
    1 cup cheese
    4tb of flour
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Boil the potatoes. Set aside when its done. In a pan fry bacon then set aside. In the same pan put butter and sauté garlic and onions then add the flour then you can now add the stock simmer then add in the milk and potatoes simmer for a bit. You may add in the cheese while its boiling or top it when cooked but i like putting the cheese while its cooking to make it more creamier then when its done top your chowder with bacon and and cheese. ❤️ Perfect for a cold weather.

  6. Love the baked potato with lots of cheese. Will try this. ❤️

  7. Gusto ko po talaga na luto sa potato is French fries at yung luto po ni partner na bacon bits with potato.. 😍 ang sarap po kaya talagang nagustuhan ko po..


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