While it may seem that everyone understands the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, they may not truly understand how to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly go a long way to keeping them healthy, but you should not stop there. It is important to have regular dental check-ups. You should consider scheduling an appointment with a local dentist Carrollton Texas after you read all the reasons why checkups are necessary. 

The recommendation is that you have two dental checkups every year, so one every six months. When you visit the dentist for regular check-ups, it consists of a check-up and a cleaning. 

During the check-up portion of your visit, you will be checked for overall health and any areas that appear problematic. They are not just checking your teeth and gums, they are examining you for signs of mouth, neck, or head cancer. They will feel for any lumps, as well as check for white or red patches in your mouth. They are also looking for swelling or redness. During the exam, the dental professional checks for cavities, plaque, and tartar.

Plaque is a layer of bacteria that sticks to your teeth and can harden to become tartar. If tartar is not removed from your teeth, it can be a cause of oral disease. The dentist uses a special tool to measure the depth of the spaces between the gums and teeth. When your gums are healthy, the spaces are shallow. The spaces become deeper when you have gum disease. 

During the cleaning part of your check-up, the hygienist removes plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. This is called scaling and requires special tools. Brushing alone will not remove plaque and tartar. Once they are scaled, the hygienist cleans and polishes them. They use a gritty type of paste for this. It is intended to remove any stains that you have on your teeth. Once this is done, your teeth are flossed to make sure the space between your teeth is also clean. 

During your regular checkups, your dentist is able to catch problems in the early stages. They can see tooth decay in its early stages and help to treat it and prevent it. This is the time to ask your dentist about any problems you are having. As you build a relationship with your dentist, you are more comfortable talking about any problems you may have with your mouth.

Having a monthly budget helps you pay your bills on time and keeps you organized. However, real-life doesn't always go as smoothly as it does on paper. Emergencies happen and sometimes you need money fast and a small loan can help. Here are four circumstances when a quick loan can help you out of a bind.

Dental Work

If you suddenly have a dental infection or emergency, work has to be done swiftly. Unfortunately, the necessary dental procedures can be very expensive. If you need to come up with money stat, short term loans Mississippi can be a great solution to have your teeth repaired now.

Airline Tickets

Though people usually save for a vacation, there are instances when you have no choice but to travel by air. This could be for a funeral, for business, or perhaps a wedding you can't miss. If you need several hundred dollars that aren't in your budget, a small loan can help.

Car Breakdown

Your car is necessary to get you to work, the grocery store, and everywhere else. A breakdown can bring your entire life to an instant standstill. If you need your vehicle repaired now and don't have money, a short-term loan can get you back on the road pronto.

The Holidays

However you look at it, the holidays are expensive and come around every year. Even when you try to keep it small, there are still people you need to buy for. Instead of stressing, taking out a small loan to get you through the season can help you feel a little jollier.

A QuickSolution

As hard as you try to stick to your budget, life can throw you a curveball. These situations happen to everybody and are totally out of your control. If you need money immediately, a short-term loan is a quick and easy solution.

Sharp Corporation, one of the world’s leading Technological Innovator, is celebrating its 108th year anniversary in the industry. For more than a century, the brand has been continuously offering innovative and efficient products that cater to the ever-changing demands of the market. This 2020, in line with their mission in bringing convenience, protection, and lifestyle evolution to everyone, Sharp’s now gears towards to be the best partner of every household.

Currently, Sharp has been providing changes and innovation with its 8K+5G and AIoT technology. The brand is firm in its mission in upholding sustainable growth for the next 100 years through continuous Technological innovations. 

Now, more than ever, Sharp is committed to its mission in bringing innovative products that will cater to the new lifestyle. ‘Stay Home, Stay Sharp’ campaign was redesigned to its products to adjust to the new normal. One of the key technology that will help consumers to adapt to this new normal is Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology which is incorporated into its air purifiers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. This Technology promotes cleaner and safer air.

“This time, families spend more time in their homes as the pandemic spread. We started with healthy food preparation and made it more convenient. We made sure to provide a clean and comfortable home environment,Sharp Philippines President, Mr. Kazuo Kito said in his speech.

Stay Home, Stay Sharp had an online product launch hosted by JV Cruz and DJ Raqi Terra on September 15, 2020. The said launch introduced their newest products — Dynabook Lap Top Computers, Android LCD TV, Side-by-Side Inverter Refrigerator, 4 Door Refrigerator, Cyclone Technology Vacuum Cleaners, and the Healsio Line Up.

Dynabook Lap Top Computers

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic to the business and education sectors is the shift from the traditional office setting to the work-from-home and online learning setup. Thus, Sharp introduced the Dynabook Sattelite Pro L40 laptop to help employees and students in their specific activities.  This versatile laptop is perfect for personal and everyday use.  Boasting with its dual storage support and fast and powerful performance. It is equipped with the 10th Generation of Intel Core i3, i5, and i7.

Android LCD TV

For Entertainment, Filipino’s have more time to bond with families at home. Watching TV is one of the most enjoyable family bonding moments. Of course, Sharp wants to be part of this important time in every household by offering a high standard viewing experience. Their Android TVs, 4T-C50BK1X, 4T-C60BK1X, and 4T-C60CK1X, with built-in Netflix, they can enjoy a high-standard viewing experience with their loved ones through its Ultra HD AQUOS 4K Technology.


Due to the viciousness of the virus, people make fewer trips to the grocery to avoid getting sick. Hence large food compartment and safe storage become essential. With Sharp’s newest 16cu.ft. 4 Door Refrigerator (SJ-FLG16AVP-BK) with Plasmacluster Ion Technology not only provides large storage space but will also keep the food fresher and safer for a longer time. On the other hand, 20cu.ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator (SJ-BL20AVP-SL) provides huge storage both for the freezer and fresh food compartments, it makes organizing food easier. Both models are equipped with Inverter Technology that reduces energy consumption. 

Healsio Line Up

In this time of the pandemic, maintaining a healthy body and strong immune system is the most important thing in the mind of every Filipino. The Healsio line up is the best partner to provide a healthy and easy way of cooking food. Hotcook (KN-H24FA), a multi-purpose electric cooker, uses a steam circulation system, which cooks food by using its own moisture that retains more nutrients and natural flavor. 

Making healthy juices is easy with Sharp’s Vacuum Blender. The EM-VB2F-RD removes 80% of the air inside the jug before blending. This vacuuming process prevents oxidation, retains nutrients such as vitamins and dietary fiber, and keeps the juice original flavor without changes over time.

The Healsio Oven (AX-1700F-R) uses superheated steam to cook food instead of conventional heat. This superheated steam, which is 8-times hotter than the normal hot air, melts unwanted fats and oil and reduces salt content in food but keeps moisture to preserve nutrients. 

Cyclone Technology Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner has become quite common in homes, offices, and even cars as they make the cleaning job easier and efficient. In this new normal, it is essential to maintain cleanliness at a different level, and Sharp knows how to exceed expectations. Cyclone Technology Vacuum (EC-EB18P-R) boasts a dynamic and high powered suction that effectively separates collected dust and allergen particles from the air. Compared to ordinary vacuum, this product can collect small particles (10 micrometers in diameter) and ensures trapped dust and allergens are not released back into the atmosphere.

True to its commitment, Sharp will continue to serve its customer and give products that will make their lives comfortable, safe, and efficient for another 100 years and this is their way of saying ‘thank you.’

My entire family loves bonding over food. If there is one thing that I could tirelessly do for my family, it is to cook delicious meals for them. One consideration in my meal planning is that I need to make sure that everyone at home enjoys and loves what I cook. Everyone in the family eats vegetables except my eldest and the only vegetable he eats is potatoes. So I really have to include potatoes in my meals more often.




I believe it is still best to get proper nutrition from whole food sources. Potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin C (30% of DV) and a good source of Potassium (15%), nutrients we need to keep us healthy, energized, and strong. What’s more, potatoes have zero fat, cholesterol, and sodium.




In order for you to prepare your best potato recipes, you need to make sure you pick fresh potatoes that are clean, smooth, firm-textured, with no cuts, bruises, or discoloration.




Potatoes are a staple in my pantry. Aside from having longer shelf life compared to most veggies, they are also so versatile that they can be included in most of my recipes. They are also readily available and affordable.


 But how should we store potatoes? Here are some tips:


     Do not wash potatoes prior to storage. Store them in a well-ventilated part of your pantry or kitchen. Wash potatoes only when you’re ready to cook them.

     Do not place potatoes inside the fridge as this converts the starch into sugar and causes discoloration.

    Do not place potatoes in areas where there is high temperature or direct sunlight. This might cause them to easily develop sprouts. Not to worry, just cut out the sprouts when you’re ready to cook the potatoes.



Storage isn’t a problem, though, if you use dehydrated potatoes. Yes, you read it right, dehydrated. It’s the same nutrient-rich potatoes, with just the water removed. Potatoes USA makes products like potato flakes, granules, and flour available in the Philippines. Dehydrated potatoes take versatility to another level. You can use them in your main dishes, appetizers, snacks, and soups. They can also be ingredients in desserts, bread, and pastries.


Other potato forms that Potatoes USA promotes locally are frozen potatoes and, of course, fresh or table-stock potatoes that you can find in groceries nationwide. However, if you are interested in dehydrated potatoes, you can check out baking supply stores or reach out to Potatoes USA Philippines via their Facebook and Instagram.




Because potatoes are very versatile and easy to cook, I would like to share with you this Baked Cheesy Potato recipe that you can try at home.  Trust me when I say it’s easy. I have three children and four dogs to tend to but still managed to make this yummy treat. You can also find ingredients in your nearest store.





Potatoes, washed properly

White onion, ⅛-¼ cup, minced

Bacon, cooked and cut into small strips (optional)

Unsalted butter, ⅛-¼ cup, melted

Cheddar cheese, ⅛-¼ cup, grated

Dried basil leaves



Vegetable oil


  • Pick fresh potatoes and wash them properly. Make sure, there are no soil and other impurities on its skin.
  • Prepare the ingredients.
  • Bake the clean potatoes in the preheated oven with temperature 200c for 30-45 minutes until tender. Let it cool.
  • Cut the potatoes in half and remove the portion of potato flesh leaving about ⅛ inch of shell and flesh. Mash the potato flesh in a separate bowl.

  • Saute white onion in vegetable oil and bacon strips and set it aside.
  • Mix the mashed potato flesh and white onion mixture in the bowl and add in melted unsalted butter and grated cheddar cheese.

  • Scoop in the mixture into the potatoes and garnish with dried basil leaves.

  • Bake it in the preheated oven with a temperature of 200c for another 30 minutes until cheese and crust start to brown.
  • Serve and enjoy!


What is your go-to favorite potato recipe? If you would like to try them out, I will be having a giveaway for all of you.


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