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Glorious Coffee That's Good For You

My husband and I loves drinking coffee. In the morning, it is our bonding moment, to sip and eat bread and talk about our plans for the day. But recently, he was diagnosed to have Diabetes Type 2. So I abruptly cut his coffee from his system because he cannot take black coffee. He is really sad about it but I am trying to figure out how to incorporate coffee again in his system. For decades, coffee had received a bad reputation. Besides allegedly triggering high blood pressure, insomnia, and hyperacidity, the Filipino habit of adding lots of sugar and cream to one’s cup has been said to aggravate diabetes. While there’s no denying the Pinoy coffee fan his morning cup, there is concern over the amount of sugar present in commercial 3-in-1 coffee mixes. The leading brand has 14.6 grams of sugar in one 20-gram sachet alone. Imagine how much sugar you’re taking in if you drink an average of three cups of coffee a day. What About Sugar-Free Coffee? For health-conscious individuals, especial

Quality Early Childhood Education At Little Georgia Academy

It has been nine years since I decided to stay at home with the kids. I had no choice because I have no trusted help to look after the kids. I gave up my career and focused myself on my growing family. When I had my kids, it was very hard for me to manage the house and juggling so many responsibilities while trying my best to ensure that the kids are well taken care of.

My two older kids was enrolled in a formal school at the age of five years old. My reason being is that, I wanted them to be more mature enough and don't want to undergo too many dramas in school. But then, I never the importance of having the kids socialize with other children as well. Had I enrolled them early in a play school, I would've learned early on my daughter's social anxiety condition.

But nowadays, there are more schools that already offer early childhood education which is more focused on the social, physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of the children. Instead of exposing kids early or resorting to these electronic pacifiers, I think it is best to enroll them to playschool.

I was recently introduced to Little Georgia Academy, which is a sister school of Georgia Academy schools. They have different branches across Luzon and Visayas and have 10 years of providing quality education to the students. My kids were able to attend their trial class in one of their branches in Makati City, and I can see how my youngest was able to enjoy playschool at his age--something that I have failed to do with my two older kids.

Little Georgia Academy opened in its 3rd location at Laureano di Trevi Towers in Makati City. The ribbon cutting activity was led by AllValue Chairman Manny Villar and daughter Camille Villar. 

Little Georgia Academy offers early education classes to toddlers aged 1-4 years old using the Progressive Learning Approach. 

During the opening, Chairman Manny Villar announced that future expansions of Little Georgia will be integrated into KinderCity—completing his vision of a one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art hub especially created for children.
Photo from Little Georgia Academy Makati's Facebook Page

Sharing with you here photos from their Makati Branch at Laureano de Trevi Tower:

Sharing with you here the reasons why you need to schedule your kids to a trial class at Little Georgia Academy:

  1. Their teachers have a degree in education and the lead teachers are licensed Professional Teachers In-house trainings are done regularly by the Preschool Division Head. I was able to see how they are oriented with the kids' special needs. 
  2. Children learn social skills as they learn to interact with peers, follow rules and routines They are also taught to be more independent and improve their self-help skills This is something we parents need to impart to our children but fail to do so because we tend to get overprotective or helicopter parent.
  3. Activities and materials are age-appropriate and individually appropriate. They provide challenging yet achievable activities to broaden skills, knowledge and desire for learning. 
  4. The classroom is a "teacher," too. The environment is prepared by providing varied educational toys to match and challenge the developmental needs and interest of children 
  5. With the quality early childhood education service they provide, they have one of the lowest tuition fee in the area with an all-in package that includes uniforms, learning kits, and a weekly fitness camp activity.

Their program includes:

Toddler: 1-19 years old
Twaddler: 1.10-2.9 years old
Prepper: 2.10-3.9 years old
Beacon: 3.10-4.9 years old

  • Vista Mall Taguig
    Mall Phase 2, 2nd level
  • Vista Mall Sta. Rosa
    2nd level
  • Laureano di Trevi Tower 1
    Ground Floor
  • The Currency Tower
    2nd Floor

Schedule your 3-day trial class at any of the branches listed above. Shoot them a message at their facebook pages here:

Or call them at the listed numbers on the branches listed above.


  1. What a coincidence as this is just in my neighborhood will definitely refer this to my friends who has smaller kids

  2. It's good that we already have early childhood centres focusing on a holistic approach as early as possible. It will also help children develop their social skills. ;)

  3. Wow, okay yung package nila ha, kasama na uniforms and learning kits sa tuition.

  4. Enrolling our little ones in playschool, I think, is the best way for them to easily adapt to a formal school setting.

  5. I am pretty sure, toddlers/pre-schoolers will grow a liking to Little Georgia Academy. The place clean and equipped with learning tools conducive to learning.

  6. Wow, they accept one-year-olds. Galing ah! :)

  7. That's avery nice school parang gusto ko bumalik sa pagkabata. Anyway, I believe in early education, 'cause like my kids I had a hard time leaving them in school & one reason is not knowing how to socialize.

  8. This is interesting! Wanna check this out for Charley, too.

  9. Looks like a great place for kids to learn! Too bad it's far from me. Hope something like this opens up in Fairview!

  10. i like my toddlers to experience what Little Georgia Academy has to offer. I can also get ideas on how they teach and communicate with toddlers. Sadly, we missed the chance to go there, totally forgot about it. Sayang.

  11. Do they have a branch in Quezon City, aside sa Ortigas? Sayang, parang wala.

  12. Ang ganda ng facilities nila. Surely, the kids will love going to school :)

  13. Little Georgia looks like a promising Pre-school. I love the colorful environment that makes learning fun for toddlers.

  14. seems like a nice school, playground, books and space!

  15. It's really nice that there are playschool these days. My Twinkle is also enrolled in one.

  16. It is very important to choose a nice toddler school for your child since the formative years are very important especially when it comes to learning experiences. If the child encounters "trauma" during his/her first school, it can leave a scar on the child.


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