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Teachable Moment With Kids: Needs vs Wants

My kids and I have a lot of bonding moments at home, especially now that we are in the second year of this pandemic. They have seen its effects, the limitations, and the people that have been due to the virus. This season is also a perfect time to teach the kids financial literacy since our business is affected during this pandemic. Since they were young, I started teaching them about money. As a parent, it is one of the primary life skills children must learn at home to manage their liquid assets properly. Even in their younger years, I let them use their piggy bank. Any coin that they get changes from the food they buy. They already keep it in their piggy banks.  But how soon must we teach our kids proper money management? As soon as my kid starts to count and recognize money and when they begin receiving monetary allowances, I should start teaching them the importance of money and how to manage it wisely. Before teaching our kids proper money management, they have to learn the diffe

Stories from the hearts of (kitchen) stars

Kitchen has been my playground since I was in grade school. She was my first teacher then and taught me simple dishes. Since then, I love watching the elders cook as well as cooking tv shows.  It makes me appreciate the different culture through food and how the person put effort and so much love in the dishes. That is the reason why I love cooking for my family and preparing them meals. It is my way of showing them my love through their stomach. It has been also our bonding since we eat a lot.

The endurance of ages

Ann Puno raised her children on home cooking. Back then, she was just a simple housewife with an amazing talent for baked goods, and her children must have grown up relishing homemade meals, occasionally paired with her amazing desserts.

However, she wanted to share more with her children than just her care and her cooking. She wanted to teach them to be independent. And this she did by example. “I wanted to teach them that they can do anything,” she says. “That all they needed was [some skill and hard work], and they can earn a living.” 

She began selling her cakes to her husband’s co-workers, and as expected, they were an instant hit. So she sold more. And even more.

Today Ann Puno is the entrepreneurial power behind Ann Puno’s Kitchen, and amazingly, the oven she used to bake that very first cake almost 30 years ago is still churning out perfectly cooked meals. It’s no wonder she swears by the longevity of her La Germania range.

The 30-year old oven, which she got from her mother when she moved to Manila, is now back in her hometown, after being with her in her own kitchen. “It was so old that there were knobs and parts that needed to be replaced, but there’s a service station right near [my mother’s home] and in the end, it was restored to be almost like new!” Ann beams, full of praises for the excellent service team, and explaining how it was easier to specify the required repairs because the team spoke the native dialect.

Partner for life

For some, finding the right partner is tricky. But when you do find The One, it can be magical.
Some cooking superstars, like caterer and restaurateur Chef Rolando Laudico, were lucky enough to have started out their love affairs early. “I have been cooking since I was seven years old and it has been La Germania all the way,” says Laudico.

This partnership has seen him through the establishment of his catering service, enduring with him through the long hours of hard work, uncomplaining despite the heavy demands he had to make of it. “I have used the same oven since day one of my catering business,” says Laudico, “and it has served me really well. We use it for several hours a day, every day, and that’s really heavy use, for several years. That’s value for money.” 

So when it came time to choose a personal partner in raising their children in their own home, the chef and his wife chose a classic, a name they had grown to love and trust. “I’m sure the oven in my home will last even longer—I might even get to pass it on to my kids,” he jokes.

Making moments count

Few things can be more hectic than the life of a married pair of doctors raising two young children. But medical school sweethearts Andrew and Almira Vicencio, make it look effortless. 

Because they’re so busy, both admit that neither one spends much time in the kitchen, but meal times with the kids have become central to their schedule. “It’s important to us to eat meals together,” says Dr. Andrew, “we even try to minimize the use of gadgets at the table. It’s important time we spend together as a family and we want to give our kids these happy memories.”

When it came to their first range, they didn’t even consider anything other than a La Germania, which they had bought to replace the one that Almira’s mother had first given the newlyweds. It reminded them both of the happy Sundays where Almira would wake to the smell of the rich bean dish her mother often made on weekends.

Kitchen stories from all around
It's not unusual for both hobbyists and masters alike to love their La Germania ranges and have great memories of working in the kitchen or feeding their families.

These three homes are only a handful of those who own legacy La Germania stoves and have heartwarming stories of how their entire family grew up with them.

In the coming months, La Germania will be re-launching a new set of Kwentong La Germania, featuring all new faces and voices, but the same story of trustworthiness and reliability, of meals and memories made in the kitchen, and a legacy that spans generations.



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