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Mang Inasal spreads Unli-Saya at Panagbenga 2024

Mang Inasal   treated locals and tourists with a series of Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya activities at the recent Panagbenga Festival 2024 in Baguio City.   The Philippines’ Grill Expert participated in the Fluvial Parade, Cultural Dance Competition, and Grand Float Parade. It will also give away special awards to several Panagbenga competitions this March 3.     Apart from that, Mang Inasal delighted Panagbenga participants with a special dine-in and takeout deal that was the Festival Group Treats; Unli-Sarap, Unli-Saya Caravan which have away free Halo-Halo and Palabok; and the first-ever Mang Inasal Takeout Express Booth that featured offsite grilling of the best-tasting Chicken Inasal.   “It’s our pleasure to bring the Unli-Saya of eating Mang Inasal products to regional festivals like Panagbenga,” expressed Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. “Seeing the public happily enjoying their Ihaw-Sarap meals especially our Chicken Inasal and even our Halo-Halo and Palabok are simple pleasure

TSM Review: Family DOC Primary Care Clinic

Health is wealth. But for the past weeks, I have been a little under the weather and so many factors have been the culprit. I have mentioned already from my previous post that I have been experiencing extreme migraine and I was in the process of ruling out the cause. 

Being a medical professional myself, having worked in one of the top hospitals in the country, and belongs to a family of medical professionals, I have set my bar high when it comes to health care. I value so much the care coming from doctors as well as fellow nurses. That is why it is really hard for me to trust and look for a doctor where I can depend my family's health. 

So fast forward two weeks ago, I was having migraine and my BP was 140/90mmHg which sought consult. I decided to go to the nearest hospital and because it was already late, I went to ER instead. Prior going to the hospital, I already did first aid and chewed garlic to lessen the high blood pressure. When I got there, I was only asked two questions and left with a single prescription with a strong NSAID written on it. Yes. I cannot elaborate any further how infuriated I was while I was walking towards the parking. 

Anyway, I followed the ER doctor's advise which was to have my eyes checked. I had it done at Healthway medical and was asked to make new glasses and was given prescription. I had my new glasses done but then again, my headache was still on and off plus the high BP. I called my tita which was my OB and told her about my symptoms and asked me to get my bloodworks done. So here's the thing though, I lost trust in the nearest hospital so I was narrowing it down to the nearest center where I could get it done. Then I realized, why not give FamilyDoc a try. It looked decent from the outside and a lot of services were offered too. It was like a one-stop shop for me. I must say, I was happy and would really recommend them to you due to the following reasons:

1. Computerized. They use modern technology in terms of patient care. They input patient's history in the computer and have all the records stored in their database as well as the results of all the tests done. Less paperwork and improved patient care. 

2. They offer packages. They have diagnostic packages offered that caters to all the health problems of each patient and what's good about it is that it is affordable. They also offer executive check-up packages as well as circumcision packages. 

3. Discounted consultation fee. They offer affordable consultation fee of P450 for non-member and P350 for non-member. But wait, the branch near me offers discount on consult fees during Fridays and Saturdays for as low as P200. 

4. One Stop Shop. I am quite impressed with the services offered considering the space they have. They have a mini pharmacy, a small mart, they also offer diagnostics which include image scanning procedures as well as minor procedures like circumcision. So you will never go any further because they have the basics that you need. 

5. Bedside Nursing Care. I have to admit, this is the very reason why I liked them. The way they care for every patient as well as how they explain every detail of the procedure, the medicines, the home care is very important to me. For me, no matter how big the hospital is if the patient care is rubbish, it is nothing. But in FmailyDoc, the staff as well as the doctors shows genuine care to all their patients. That is something that every patient needs. 

They have a lot of services and packages offered. If you want to know more, just visit their facebook page FamilyDoc and their website FamilyDocPh to keep you updated of their offers.

Oh one last thing, my bloodworks' result was just released in one day and got consult immediately after. They are really impressive with their services that is why I am recommending them to you. 

PS. This post is not in any way sponsored and all that is written here is based from my honest thoughts of their services. 

Have you tried them? Share your thoughts below in the comment section. 


  1. so timely momshie..Thanks for sharing this one

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