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Our Transition To Less Screentime

At exactly 8:00 in the morning the kids were already awake and the sound of Cartoon Network or Disney Channel resonates the room. Every waking hours, what they do first  is feed their eyes from watching cartoons before feeding their hungry tummies. At the age of four and five years old they already know how to make sandwich and make their chocolate drink on their own. So I was really confident enough that they could feed themselves on their own. You might be wondering, where am I? I am still in deep slumber being pregnant with my youngest back then. It was really hard for me to get up in the morning so I felt like it was a total neglect to my two older kids. Please do not judge me on this because my third pregnancy was really hard for me, I had to battle with sleep that time and I was so blessed that they know how I felt and guilty at the same time that I couldn't do anything to feed them right. It went on for about a year or two up until I gave birth and trying to recuperate post partum. 

It was really hard to break their viewing habits and at the same time it has changed their attitude so much. They became so impatient on almost all the things. They fight on almost everything (well until now) and doesn't know how to take turns. I was really so devastated and at the same time prayed hard to God to give me and the children more space for them to experience real play. That was the only thing I asked.

2017 came and we moved from a small space to a bigger house. I promised myself, this is the right time to discipline the kids of their screentime. Honestly, the transition was not an easy fit. Since we just moved into the new place, the kids yearned for TV and has been taking away the iPad as well as my cellphone. But since we couldn't set-up the TV and other utilities yet, they are left being bored. So how did we do it?

1. Encourage outdoor play. The kids always play inside our house in our small apartment because it wasn't safe for them to play outside. So they are only used to play in our small room the entire day. But this time, they can play and run around the house anytime they want. 

2. Encourage art activities. We got the kids their own easel boards, gave them colored pens and so many art materials and encouraged them to draw more in their scratch books. It was more fun thing for them to do since they get to tell each drawing a story and be creative in their own little way. So much that they decorate their rooms with their artworks already.

Ayan nasobrahan! Sa wall na nagdrawing!

3. Be an example. I know this is quite hard to do but I did it. I didn't dare open our tv regularly let alone watch KDrama anymore but when I do, I only watch news and emphasized that when I hold my cellphone and laptop it means I am working. I am just happy that it really works!

4. Set limits to screentime. We got the kids their own tablets but we made sure this time they will only play in the given hours and that is only an hour every weekend. So what they do is they really look forward to it and work hard before they could enjoy their "screentime" on weekends. 

5. Acknowledge their achievements. This is to appreciate their efforts and reassure that they are doing a good job. Who doesn't like compliment once in a while anyway?

It was really a hard transition as there were so many dramas in between as well as argument but after everything, I am just happy we finally did it. Here is to hoping we can continue to do this so that my kids would also know their limits. 

How about you? Did you have same dilemma? These tips might help you.


  1. Thanks for this info madam.. Very detailed and informative.. Malaking tulong po talaga ito. For me, sa kasamaang palad, hindi ko po kasama mga anak ko since andun po sila sa probinsiya with their lolo and lola. Andito po kasi ako sa Manila for work. Naintindihan din naman din ng mga anak ko. Pero masakit lang kasi hindi ko po sila naaubaybayan na lumaki. Pero kailangan muna magtiis.

  2. i like your place momshie ang luwag. Sakin naman wala namn sila own phone and any gadgets kasi diko afford hehhe pero slightly nag iiba ang ugali nila buti im back on track. Mahirap kang for me kasi im all alone with 3 kids at home, 1yr old is the youngest. If i let them play outside ung mga friends nila is nagmumura etc so far di pa namna sila gumgaya at sila nagsusumbong mismo if nakakarinig ng bad words. i hope someday magkaroon din ng big house :)


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