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Contis is your next Breakfast Spot

Breakfast is often regarded as the most important meal of the day. There’s at least one very good reason for that. It’s the first after several hours of no food intake through the night. Therefore, it provides the nourishment needed to recharge the body and prepare it for the demands of the new day. Aside from that, breakfast likewise gives other essential nutrients that help maintain good health.  But not everyone is getting the right breakfast. Some don’t even get any breakfast at all. The reasons may include lack of time to prepare, a limited menu at home, and a pantry that isn't well stocked for a variety of dishes.  Fortunately, there are excellent options to get the right breakfast and start the day optimally. At popular homegrown food chain Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant, there are several choices for dine-in, takeout, or delivery that are sure to delight different tastes. Lovers of classic Pinoy dishes will get their rich and tasteful day starter with any of three favo

TSM Recommends: Homegrown Organics

When we moved here in the South, one thing that I don't get to enjoy anymore is the trip to the wet market or grocery often. The nearest wet market here is a jeepney ride and others are quite far already. I have three kids to bring everytime I go out so it will be chaos and God knows what is going to happen if I frequent wet market with them in tow. 

We usually do wet market shopping and grocery shopping every two weeks. That way, we lessen our trip and just stock up here at home the necessary food we need to survive our week. But then, there are unscheduled events and some unavoidable circumstances that falls on a weekend that prevents us from making a trip to the market. What happens is we live on processed foods, something that I really want to avoid to serve in our table. 

I was really hoping for fruit and vegetable delivered in our homes. There were some companies that offered the service few years ago but then I never got to try it yet because there was no need for it until now. These are the times that you will really appreciate them as every second of your time is really precious. 

So I finally gave in and saw a sponsored ad in Facebook that sells fresh produce and finally gave it a try since over the weekend as I was really desperate for real food. I immediately went to their website and input all my details and placed my order on a Friday. They sent a confirmation right away on my email and scheduled a delivery the next Monday. 

Okay let us talk about my verdict.


Goods delivered right at your doorstep. Well, who doesn't really enjoy the fun in online shopping? Imagine, few clicks and your goods are delivered right at your doorstep. No more commute, hassle in taking with your the kids and the crazy weather and dreaded traffic. 

Free shipping. They offer free shipping for purchases above P450 pesos. My order was more than P450 and I am sure that is how much I spend on my vegetables and fruits given the selection I ordered from their website. 

Wide selection of produce. They offer organic fruits and vegetables that you can never find easily in the wet market. But of course it will depend on the season. 

Freebies.  Who doesn't love freebies? I got a pack of tomatoes after I placed my order. 


You don't get to pick your choice of produce. This is a very crucial part especially when you are keen on what you eat. If you want to pick your produce, then just pick something from their selection that will not frustrate you. I chose to get Kamote tops because I wanted to make Kamote juice but then the leaves that came with my order isn't that fresh anymore. Maybe root crops like carrots or any produce that don't easily get withered is okay. 

My order came in an ecobag and veggies were packed individually in brown bag. I am okay with it. However, other factors that are beyond control like delivery and heat makes the leaves easily wilt. 


If you are a SAHM like me who don't have any help, you can give this a try. However, I strongly recommend that you carefully pick what you will order most especially those vegetables and fruits that don't go bad in transit. Ordering online is really a hit and miss sometimes because it will be expectation vs reality but I hope this will serve as a room for improvement. Still, I will recommend this since they offer free shipping, again who doesn't love free shipping and freebies? Also, wide selection of produce (organic) and they go on sale too! 

If you want to order from them, you just go to their facebook page here and all the details are there. 

Have you tried them? Share your thoughts on the comment section!


  1. I feel you Momma. I am a mother of three and I really can't leave the kids alone para mag grocery. My husband does the shopping of our stacks with veggies, meats and fish, groceries twice every week after his work. SAHM din ako without a helper kaya hindi pwedeng iwan ang mga kids.


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