TSM Recommends: Jeunesse Anion Napkin Review

Women become a different person when they have their "red days". Most often, they are not in total control of it but their hormones and does crazy things. So whenever a woman expresses anger out of hand during their red days, most likely it is their hormones talking. Unfortunately, I had my own fair share of horrifying stories during those red days and I am not proud of it. HAHA. Because yeah, it's my hormones talking.

For several years I have been struggling of menstrual cramps before the red days. Name it, I have experienced most of the signs of pre-menstrual syndrome (headache, extreme craving for weird food, bloating and worst of it--mood change). My menstrual pain has been on and off ever since I had kids. There are times that I couldn't even walk because of the pain but some days are just fine.

I have heard good things about these Anion napkins that they address to all women's worries during their period days. Been wanting to try it as well for the longest time but every time I remember trying it, it is either my uterus is pregnant and mommy brain problems. And I was given an opportunity to try it and was sent after new year. I waited for my period to come and tried it immediately. I already lost hope to using pads after giving birth to my youngest but then, this one made all my napkin frustrations go away. 

My favorite amongst the variants. 

Jeunese Anion Napkins has anion chips that works wonders. It releases negative anion when it comes contact with moisture and works its wonders. Here are some things I liked about it:

1. NO ODOR. I kid you not, our menstrual discharge smells like Marigold but this one has none. I even forgot having period because I do not smell it down there. 

2. NO IRRITATION. I have my flow usually for five to days and most of the first four days are heavy and I have no choice but to wear it over and over. My skin when it comes in contact with something synthetic will cause irritation and I would stop wearing pads on my fifth day. Now, I could wear them until my last drop. 

3. BARELY THERE. Their pads are ultra thin and you will barely notice you are wearing one! Plus points is that you don't smell anything down there when you have your period. 

4. WIDE PADS. This is one thing that is quite off with most of the pads in the market. They are so narrow that couldn't absorb those spillage on the sides of the napkin. It also supports absorption by their wide pads especially through the night. 

5. RESEALABLE PACKAGING. This for me is genius. I have been using pads some two decades ago and this is the only brand I know that has resealable packaging which in my opinion is hygienic. The pads I have used is just messed up whenever I open it. 


Jeunese Anion pads comes with variants of with wings and without wings and pantiliner as well. You can order them from Lazada and buy them at your nearest grocery stores nationwide. 

Have you tried them? Share your thoughts below.

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