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Road to Financial Freedom

  “Spendthrift” is my mom’s mantra for how she handles money. As soon as she started giving me monetary money when I was in 6th grade, she would tell me not to spend everything, especially on the things that I do not need. Thanks to my mom, I learned how to save in a piggy bank early on. But as I grow up, things change. I learned that to live a decent life, we need to work hard for the life that we want. But being a nurse in my country, the salary is not enough to feed our family let alone live a comfortable life. I have three children and pets at home. To sustain all our needs, I need to find ways how to earn in addition to what my husband is earning. I started to find ways how to earn passive income and a steady stream of income. Growing up, I know that once you graduate from college and earn a degree, you can earn a living. But there was a shift of mindset when I was exposed to the power of social media. Admittedly, it helped me open doors to many opportunities including learning di

Family Day at the #AlaskaUltimateAdventureCamp

Few Sundays ago, we were invited to a family day by Alaska to join their Ultimate Camp Adventure at SMX Convention Center. I primed the kids that they have to complete the missions so they can receive a medal and goodies. But the next morning, the usual scenario prior to events, they woke up late and the rest was history.

Despite the cumbersome registration at the booth, we still opted to go inside because I was really curious of what’s instore. The event was open to public so a lot of mommies and daddies bought their kids to experience the ultimate adventure camp prepared by Alaska. We were given a checklist of booths to accomplish and a shirt and cap for the kids.

After a small quick lunch, we headed for the adventure camp. Upon entering the convention center, I was quite surprised by the number of people inside! It was literally packed with people! The lines and queuing at all stations were long.

Our mission card 
The kids initially lined up for the first mission but the lines were just extremely long that my cranky kids couldn’t stand. So we opted for the art stations first, the made cut out masks from the milk kartons and colored a picture and got them a badge. Third stop was memory game where they need to pair pictures. They were rewarded with Alaska drinks to keep the energy in accomplishing the different missions at the stations.

Art Station
Memory Game 
We also went to the food booth because I got curious on how they do matcha drink out of Alaska products. The Chef demonstrated the procedure on how to do it and said that we could use the recipe for occasions or we can even use it for business!

Matcha Cooler Recipe
While the activities was ongoing in the different stations, there were programs, storytelling, recipe tutorials as well giving out of prizes courtesy of Alaska of course. 

Intermission Number
Recipe Tutorial
The kids’ next stop was the maze wherein they will do a lot of activities inside including pitball, balancing and assimilation of being a princess and superhero. It was really fun and I can see that all the kids had so much fun.
Queuing Area

And for our last stop was the Marvel Camp. The kids have actually option whether to choose Marvel o Frozen camp. But since I had to take the two of them, we opt for one queuing only. The kids were already sleepy and cranky. They took their photos for their ID photo, which we failed to claim by the way due to the load of photos that needs to be printed during that day.

Queuing at Marvel Camp slash cranky kids

I am just glad that it was our turn before the kids could push my limits due to crankiness. But as the moment they enter the station, their eyes literally widened and twinkled. Their face shows pure happiness. They get to jump their hearts out at the humungous inflated playard and balanced their way through the roller blades. And went on detective and passed through a small and short tunnel and on to their last adventure wherein they went up the monkey bar and crossed a rope bridge and slide their way down to the ginormous slide. After completing all those, they were given a badge for accomplishing their missions.

Again, we are thankful for Alaska for the event and for inviting us to be part of it. My kids and I had so much fun despite the aching back after babywearing the youngest for 8 long hours! The kids get to put their overflowing energy to a purpose and went home with their Alaska bag of goodies.

Finally got their badges! 

The event was a success and I just have to congratulate Alaska for letting the kids experience a once in a lifetime day of fun and, I just had to let out my thoughts and observations about it.

Most of the parents were the ones who don’t follow the rules. They let their kids insert into the middle of long queuing. They were given instructions to return the laser pointer at the end of the mission camp but most of them let the kids KEEP it into their pockets. It was a public event so it was also expected that there will be pushing because it was an event for kids. There were also a lot of trash thrown in the middle of convention centers and if were not for cleaners, the event place will be a lot of mess.

But overall, it was so much fun and had it be repeated again the following year, we will surely attend again. My kids have been bugging me to go again. 

PS. Inserted here a Facebook live video of my daughter showing the goodies she got from Alaska. Facebook Live

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