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Mang Inasal spreads Unli-Saya at Panagbenga 2024

Mang Inasal   treated locals and tourists with a series of Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya activities at the recent Panagbenga Festival 2024 in Baguio City.   The Philippines’ Grill Expert participated in the Fluvial Parade, Cultural Dance Competition, and Grand Float Parade. It will also give away special awards to several Panagbenga competitions this March 3.     Apart from that, Mang Inasal delighted Panagbenga participants with a special dine-in and takeout deal that was the Festival Group Treats; Unli-Sarap, Unli-Saya Caravan which have away free Halo-Halo and Palabok; and the first-ever Mang Inasal Takeout Express Booth that featured offsite grilling of the best-tasting Chicken Inasal.   “It’s our pleasure to bring the Unli-Saya of eating Mang Inasal products to regional festivals like Panagbenga,” expressed Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. “Seeing the public happily enjoying their Ihaw-Sarap meals especially our Chicken Inasal and even our Halo-Halo and Palabok are simple pleasure

Bert Lozada Launches 2016 Summer Courses

Summertime is here! The best way to enjoy the season is to get that sun-kissed skin because almost everyone of us is planning on our next summer destination. In doing so, we also need to keep ourselves safe as well as our children.

I must admit, I am not the right person to do that because I am not an expert swimmer. For the past two years, I have been meaning to enroll the kids to swimming lesson but the schedule always doesn't permit. This time, I have no more excuse since Bert Lozada Swimming School (my top choice) has convinced me to do so.

They invited mommy bloggers to their anniversary last Saturday at Ace Water Spa and introduced the their programs to us as well as the school's structure. I must say, I am more than convinced already to enroll the kids and I hope myself too.
BLSS CEO- Anthony Lozada

BLSS COO, Angelo Lozada

Pepper Lozada, one of the instructors for Baby and Me Program

Bert Lozada Swim School has different programs specifically tailored to the needs of every individual. They have programs for all ages from infant to adult and even individuals with special needs. Their instructors are composed of educators, coaches and some are members of the WSCA World Swimming Coaches Association and certified by the Australian Council for the Teaching of Water-safety and Swimming AUSTSWIM. They are also committed to provide high quality instructions to students through participating in several seminars here and abroad.

Bert Lozada’s Swimming Program includes:

1. Baby and Me/Infant Toddler Program

An aquatic program designed to teach parents and children to be familiar with the water. Parents are taught how to help their child to be confident and happy in the water, and encourage learning through fun activities. This program will prepare your infant/toddler physically, psychologically and socially for more structured swimming lessons later in life.

1 Teacher : 6 Students with parent ratio
30 minutes/class

Level 1:  Water Explorer (Starfish: Age 6-12 months)
A pre-swimming class with the parent in the water.

Level 2:  Water Familiar (Puffers: Age 1 - 2.5 years)
For children who are eager to participate with parent in the water.

Level 3:  Water Safety (Guppers: Age 2.6 – 4 years)
Teaches children to perform basic water safety.

Level 4:  Water Confident (Penguins: Age 2.6 - 4 years)
For children who are eager to participate with or without parent in the water.

Level 5:  Water Independent (Seals: Age 2.6 – 4 years)
For children who are independent from parents and have more confidence in the water.

2. Kids and Teens

Our comprehensive program can teach an absolute beginner both survival skills and sound swimming skills in the four main swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Over 20,000 children each year are being taught using our tried and tested method.

SNAPPER 1 (Age: 4 years old and above)
For children who are afraid of the water or little or no swimming experience.

SNAPPER 2 (Age: 4 to 6 years old)
For children ready to work without the parent or caregiver and are developing 10m Survival Swim and 10m Dog Paddle.

JAMMER 1    (Age: 7 years old and above)
For children who are developing 15m Survival Swim and 15m Basic Freestyle

JAMMER 2   (Age: 7 years old and above)
For children who are developing 15m Backstroke and 15m Butterfly

JAMMER 3  (Age: 7 Years old and above)
For children who are developing 15m Breast Stroke and Advance freestyle mechanics

SWIM SQUAD   (Age:  5 years old and above)
A pre-competitive swim program with supervised coaching, open to individuals who can swim all four strokes (freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke).

3. Adults

This program supports every skill level at all ages, including adult learn to swim classes, stroke development, swim-for-fitness classes, up to high performance training for adults who participate in triathlon or any swim race.

Teaches comfort in the water, confidence, and being in control: the ability to be yourself in water, whether it's shallow or deep, pool, lake, or ocean. Being able to rely on yourself—not on the bottom or the side of the pool—for your safety.  We are the only swim school in the Philippines that is certified to teach the world renowned MIRACLE SWIMMING METHOD of the Miracle Swimming Institute, USA. 

If you’re afraid or not comfortable in the water, this is the perfect program for you!

Teaches fundamental skills like floating, arm & leg action and breathing in a stress-free, encouraging atmosphere.  Focuses on survival stroke and freestyle.

Stroke drills and expert coaching allow you to develop perfect technique in breaststroke and backstroke.

Stroke drills and expert coaching allow you to develop perfect technique in advance freestyle and butterfly.

Teaches racing technique and preparation to athletes of all levels. Through specially designed workouts and proper stroke management, students will be able to swim faster with efficient technique. The program’s goal is to help you achieve a lifetime of swimming improvement.

Our Special Needs Program takes into consideration the student's emotional needs and physical capabilities. The goal is to help each student become physically active (purposeful movements) and impart to them life-saving skills of swimming. 

A recreational and fitness swimming program designed to suit your individual needs, whether swimming for fun, fitness or sport.

BLSS’s expertise and quest for excellence has produced more than 1000 National team members and 7 Olympians. For everyone age 5-25 years and can swim at least 200 meters of freestyle and 25 meters of Butterfly, Backstroke and Breast Stroke. It is an exciting opportunity for children to experience the world of competitive swimming. Parents can also expect their kids to develop social skills and build character as part of the training program. 

4. Specialized Needs


BLSS offers local schools the opportunity to enhance their curriculum and reach students who may not have access to swimming lessons. The aim of the program is to develop students’ swimming skills, foster enjoyment of aquatic activities, provide water safety education and nurture the specially-talented swimmer through the varsity program, which easily integrates into any existing school curriculum.

Highly trained teaching staff equipped for all ages from pre-school to college, can implement training in your school, observing the ideal STUDENT:TEACHER ratio. Our structured yet flexible program (based on current best teaching methodologies from Australia and USA) not only teaches basic aquatic skills, but also educates students on survival and safety practices appropriate to each age group and grade level.


BLSS specializes in private instruction in a private location, scheduled according to the student’s convenience. Available to students from 6 months of age to adult.

If you would like to know more about their programs and what do you think will suit you best, shoot them an email: You may also call them at: 02-5635532

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