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Potato Flatbread with Chicken Flakes

Since the school year started, I’ve been thinking of ways to be more creative with our breakfast. My goal is to feed my kids a filling meal in the morning so they could be energized in school and be able to participate in activities. My kids usually have bread and pancakes for breakfast. They rarely eat rice in the morning. I started working around the same time that the school year started, so I needed to create breakfast as quickly as I could. Below is a recipe that is filling and easy to prepare and perfect for families who don't eat rice for breakfast. This is also a recipe where you can prepare the chicken filling in advance and store it in the refrigerator and even prepare the flatbread recipe separately on different days. This is perfect for working moms like me. My Potato Flatbread with Chicken Flakes recipe is easy, delicious, and healthy! It’s the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for busy bods.   Potato Flatbread: Ingredients: ·     150 grams U.S. dehydrated po

Adventurous Fourth Birthday in Aurora Province

Four years passed and I am still thankful that I was given a chance to become a mom to my awesome babies. Few weeks ago, my son just turned four and he is officially a preschooler! I know sometimes I wish for them to grow up fast, but there is tad portion in my mind not to. There are moments when it still lingers in my mind his cuteness when he was a baby but those are the memories that I will cherish for now.

When I asked him where to celebrate his birthday, he said he wants to go to the cold mountains. We initially thought of celebrating his birthday at Baguio City but things turned out differently that we had to change plans few days prior. But it was waaaaay better! The adventure he has been craving for and raving for months already has been realized during our trip.

Our 5-hour bumpy drive to Aurora Province made the little boy’s birthday worth sharing with you. We initially made a stopover at Baler and got the rest we needed for our next adventure. It officially started a few miles after leaving Baler when the zigzag road and intermittent rough and cemented road greeted us. Mind you, if you are not that used to trips like this, you may need to pop few pills to relieve the vertigo as it will really be that rough. The roads leading to where we went were still underdeveloped and there was an ongoing road-widening project. But at the end of the 2 and a half hour ride going to Casiguran was really worth the vertigo and atmospheric pressure. It was a serene community where fresh air greeted us.

Road to Casiguran, Aurora

We stayed in a big house, which was converted into a hotel/fishing village. It wasn’t really that grandiose considering how small the municipality is but we felt really at home and comfortable especially with the hospitable locals who made our trip worthwhile.

If given a chance, which will likely happen again, here are the reasons why we love going back to the place.

Fresh Food. If there is one benefit you can get from trips to countryside is that you get to taste freshly picked vegetables from the garden, fresh fish and seafood. Mind you, for three consecutive days, they served us fresh crabs and by far the best I ever tasted and the very reason why I gained so much weight. Yes, guilty as served! They also served us lamp shells (according to google, forgot their local name), which were freshly harvested by the shore. I must say it was the best tasting ever! Now I am craving for it.

Beach. The kids yet again enjoyed the salt water and this time they did a lot! The beach was so calm (considering its geographical location) and the shoreline is not that deep that both of them enjoyed it, a lot! Even the little girl found her freedom and made her way through it. It was yet again by far the best beach adventure ever. We couldn’t wait to come back! Aside from the beach resort we checked in, you can opt to hop around beach resorts because they have lots of virgin beaches surrounding the area only if you are up for it.

Fishing. One of things my son has been raving me for months already are his desire to catch a fish and eat it. During low tide in the morning, we were able to walk approximately 30 meters away from the shoreline. We only gave up when all of us got thirsty in the middle of our walk. My son literally saw thousands of fiddler crabs burying it through the sands. At first he was scared of the creepy look of it but he got braver as he saw a small boat in the middle of the shore.

CW: Fisherwoman digging the seabed for Lamp shells, Lamp Shell, Morning catch--assorted fresh shells
See the tiny white thing there? Those are hundreds of fiddler crabs.

Farm Animals. The resort we stayed had quite a number of farm animals. They had deer, wild boar, monkeys, owl, turtle, and hermit crabs. Not to mention some domesticated animals around. Aside from fishing, my kids enjoyed looking at them every morning.

Natives. We were able to meet few natives of the countryside and had few chitchat with them. I am quite impressed also on how they keep up with the technology. According to one of their chieftain, if there is one thing that has changed them is their use of cellphones and few women got their hair rebounded! According to them, there are three types of natives: Agta (lives in the mountains), Dumagats (survives from hunting and fishing) and Ibukid (they have whiter complexion and avoid looking them in the eye when talking to them or else, they will shoot you with an arrow).

Despite our one-hella bumpy ride to reach the mountains, it was all worth the trip. The community is so peaceful; the fresh air is so relaxing. Sierra Madre literally awed us of its beauty and relaxed us a bit from the busy streets of the metro.

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the photos as much as we did enjoyed this trip. Should you have additional information let me know in the comment box.


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