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Dine in Style with the Stars at Movie Stars Café

Dodo is into superheroes lately and currently fancies Spiderman. So when I was privileged to try what’s at stake at Movie Stars Café, I was very excited.

I initially planned to go a little early at the exact time business establishments opens but since we struggled through a horrendous traffic that day, we came late. Let me walk you through our ecstatic dining experience through our photos.

Outside the café you will see a ginormous face of a gorilla being their trademark. When we got there the place was already packed with number of people.  I didn’t regret coming late though since we were given the best spot for a superb entertainment because we were seated infront of the stage! We were able to witness upfront their world-class entertainment and took lots of photos of their performance.

Inside the café you will see lots of memorabilia from different stars and life-sized figures of action heroes and villains. It has enough room to accommodate up to 300 guests for different events like parties, baptism, debut and more. It also has hundred of monitors and four big screens simultaneously playing movies and has also fabulous lighting effect for maximum entertainment. The seats and tables are well arranged in a manner where every one could enjoy the entertainment while dining. On the bayside area, situates their bar, which offers cocktail drinks with a large screen above it. On the far end, opposite of the stage is their Dino buffet that has a variety of mouth-watering menu if you choose to have buffet dining.

The Bar
Life-size action heroes and villains
View from the stage

You can choose from ala Carte of buffet dining. We choose ala Carte and ordered four cheese (Lasgana pasta with variety of cheese), el grande (18” pizza with meat and vegetable toppings), notebook (penne pasta) and Jackson five (appetizer which includes fish, chicken and variety of dips). The price of the food was average and competitive considering the ambiance of the restaurant. What we ordered was more than enough for us with three adults and two toddlers and we even got to take home a large portion of our meal. What about the taste? I must say it was apparently delectable and one of the reasons why we want to go back again. 

Four Cheese
Jackson Five
El Grande
The Notebook
They also offer buffet dining at their Dino buffet and have a wide variety of food to choose from. The price is quite cheaper and competitive as well compared to other buffet restaurants.

Dino Buffet
This is the most exciting part of our dining experience and one of the primary reasons why we will pay a visit to the restaurant again. We never dined in a restaurant for more than four hours! This was quite a record breaking for us considering I have two toddlers in a tow and God knows when will they throw a fit. You will never feel that you are an outcast in the place because they will entertain you as well as the kids. You will never have to worry also of your kids going up the stage every time a show ends. The good part? A random customer can be a star in an instant by entertaining fellow customers as well! They have a different show every thirty minutes and starts in their business hours. You will never get tired of the amusement they have to offer and you will definitely look forward to the next show. Each show was equally entertaining to watch.

Guests' turn to entertain us
Little girl is amused that she can play on the stage
Few kids are free to come up the stage

During our visit, there were quite a number of birthday celebrants, two of them are kids and the rest were adults. They will make you feel really special as the action heroes will surround and serenade you.
A birthday celebrant behind our table
Photo ops with these stars <3
I couldn’t complain anything except they are all accommodating and friendly! They entertain their guests in all walks of life no matter the age so the kids had also great time. You will never hesitate to approach them and have photo ops because they would willingly do it. The best part of it? I could see from their faces that they are happy entertaining their guests too!

This mime is quite an entertainer and one of the best. :)
So if you plan to pay a visit to the restaurant, here are some notes to keep in mind:
  • Make a reservation prior to your visit, as there are times that they fully booked so you won’t get tired waiting on queue.
  • Bring your camera and make sure to have an extra memory card because there will be lots of photo ops.
  • Make room for delectable food because I guarantee you their mouth-watering menu they offer will surely satisfy your hunger.
Do take note of the buffet rates as well:

Dinner Buffet (6:00-10:00pm): P699-adults, P499-6-12 years old, P299-3-5 years old and 0-2 years old are free of charge + P99 for all you can drink. An additional P100 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday and prior to holidays.

Midnight Buffet (10:00pm-2:00am Monday to Saturday and before holiday, 10:00pm-12:00am Sunday and Holiday) P599 and all you can drink.

Here is a little treat for you my readers, when you dine in, use this code to slash 10% from your total bill. Don't forget to mention the code to the waiters.

Share your experience and I ensure you and your family will have a wonderful experience as well.

Photos courtesy of Boboy.

Movie Stars Cafe 
By the Bay, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia, 1308 Pasay City
Hotline: (02) 550-1234
Smart: 0908-200-9999
Globe: 0905-277-9999
Facebook page:


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