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Give the gift of healthy and delicious homemade meals this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your dad is by cooking a delicious and nutritious meal made with lots of love.   “Dads are known to be very hardworking and put their loved ones first before themselves. This is why we, at Ajinomoto, would like to help in putting their health and happiness first this Father’s Day by sharing healthy but delicious recipes that they will surely enjoy,” said Roann Co, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) General Manager of Corporate Planning and Public Relations.   Below are special recipes made healthy and delicious through the use of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning that helps in reducing sodium without compromising taste.   These recipes are part of Ajinomoto’s BawAsin® or Bawasan ang Asin campaign,  an effort that encourages consumers to reduce their sodium intake without sacrificing the deliciousness of their meals.   Ajinomoto has created a  BawAsin® section  in its official website. It provi

A Not-So-Suprise Birthday Celebration

27th of March marks two things in my life, one is the blogoversary of my blog and my birthday. As what I have mentioned here, I don’t want anything grandiose on my birthday and I wouldn’t have a sort-of cyber party as well. I just want to keep it plain and simple.

But it seems like Boboy was busy cooking something for my birthday and completely forgot what day my birthday was. He originally planned on a Friday getaway but soon then realized that my day falls on a Thursday when my newsfeed was flooding with birthday greetings. Then, there’s chaos on his schedule.

We still managed though to push through. We left the busy metro and headed to Tagaytay before lunch. We went straight somewhere in Lemery Batangas to take a glimpse of the castle. Then went to Mahogany Market and hoarded vegetables there because it was waaaaaaay cheap! I bought few bags of romaine lettuce, which is priced at php50.00, which twice the cost in the grocery stores considered the amount in each bag.

Then we headed for the happy place, the Sky Ranch and Dodo cannot wait to try the gondola ride. When we got there, he tried first the wonder flight since he fancy airplanes so much. I couldn’t fathom how happy he is when he rode it for the first time. The smile on his face was just priceless. 

Then we rode the gondola and the scaredy-cat kids of mine fortunately didn’t fuzz and asked us to go down but managed to brace their fears even though A’s knees where shaking and refused to look down as well as Dodo. The little boy kept telling me he was scared but enjoyed the ride all throughout. 

We went to the kiddie rides too and wanted to try the skycruiser but unfortunately the little girl wasn’t allowed yet, so only Boboy and the little boy were able to try it. When they were already up there, Dodo cried like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, he was already throwing fits because it was way past his naptime.

Since it was nearing dusk and getting cold at the same time, we decided to get some jackets but when Dodo saw Krsipy Kreme, he immediately told us he wants some doughnuts. Surely my kids had inherited their sweet tooth from Boboy that a sight of doughnuts couldn’t be resisted.
After a little sugar rush we went back and tried on few more rides. This time, we tried their carousel (me and my little girl’s favorite ride)! To cap the sky ranch adventure, we rode the train, which Dodo was raving about. It was a short trip around the whole Sky Ranch area.

Please don't judge! :)
When our hungry tummies were already calling for a scrumptious dinner, we decided to dine on a local restaurant and have a specialty bulalo. I know I am on a sort-of fitness diet but allow me to skip on this one? It was my day anyway. Anyhow, we were wandering and tried to look for a restaurant, which was still open apart from the ones in the restaurant strip in Tagaytay. We decided on something sort-of not-so-secluded but good thing Green ATS operates 24hours. What a lifesaver!

I don’t know what has got into me when I ordered ginormous amount of food. More than what a family of four can consume. Okay, maybe because I was hungry that time and their food looked enticing. I will try to do a separate review on a different post.

Meanwhile, just when I thought my birthday was over and Boboy came home with a huge box, which housed the modern gramophone the same thing I saw in one of the holiday exhibit we went to last year.  I tell you, it was love at first sight. Since it’s not available in the country and he had it outsourced, and didn’t arrive on time for my birthday. Although my audiophile of a loverboy didn’t like the quality of sound it produces, still I am a happy camper.

Thank you Boboy for the wonderful celebration and the surprise gift. I am beyond happy and proud to have you as my best frenemy, the one who stole my heart and swept off my feet. I love you beyond what you can fathom.


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