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Mang Inasal Creators' Circle wins in 2023 Dragons of Asia

Mang Inasal , the Philippines' Grill Expert, was named Black Dragon winner in the 2023 Dragons of Asia for its Mang Inasal Creators’ Circle (MICC).   MICC, a first-of-its-kind, brand-managed influencer community composed of nanoinfluencers to megainfluencers from different parts of the country, was among the award recipients under the Best Brand Building/Awareness Campaign category.   “MICC is one of the biggest post-pandemic milestones for Mang Inasal as we bring the brand closer to the communities we serve,” said Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. "We thank all MICC members for their contribution in bringing all the great Mang Inasal updates to their followers. This Black Dragon win is a validation of the effectiveness of their efforts."   Created in March 2022, MICC is comprised of digital content creators across the Philippines. Among the members of MICC are top mommy influencers like by  Mommy Diaries PH  and  Mommy Hieds  as well as known TikTokerists, including 

AJ's Second Birthday Celebration At Villa Escudero

Last year when Jollibee launched their Hello Kitty themed birthday party I knew in an instant what I wanted for A’s birthday. I was already convinced and told J about it and even made a list of possible guests. Then, months passed and New Year came then plans changed and I must admit that A’s birthday was a result of cramming. For one, we just came from a holiday in our province and I was at the verge of reorganizing our place from the chaos since we left. Then the birthday party was already off the list since I only have a week to prepare and send out invites and from experience it is so hard to gather at least 20 guests due to schedule conflicts.

D suggested celebrating her sister’s birthday through a beach party. Since it was very cold during the past weeks and both of them have colds, I couldn’t take any risk to aggravate the situation. Instead, I thought of a resort where we can spend quality time as a family and have fun. Then, I remembered a resort we were curious about and we often pass by en route to province. I have read good reviews about it and probably was the right time to experience it ourselves.

I made reservation online and paid the fee through bank deposit. I must say it was a hassle free reservation due to their prompt email replies. 

We decided to have the day tour on the day of her birthday, which falls on a weekday with a notion that the resort might not be crowded and rates are reduced. Travel time to the place normally takes an hour and a half for private vehicles (not sure for public transport) but just make sure to be early as there is a terrible traffic en route the resort.

Reception Area. I love the native ambiance. 
We arrived before lunchtime and there were fewer guests indeed. We checked in at the reception area and got our passes for the resort’s activities. I was happy to know that the birthday celebrant was free of charge! I commend their honesty and for refunding the payment immediately (if it happened to other resorts it would still need a lot of paperworks--based on experience).

These are the following activities/amenities you can enjoy from their resort.

Meet our Carabao--Ligaya.
  • Waterfalls Dining. We went straight to the dining area with our carabao ride. My kids were awed by our serenade and puzzled at the same time because they were singing a Tagalog song! But it didn’t hinder my son from singing with them but with a different song! (Elmo Song) Haha! The dining area was located at the dam area and we enjoyed dining experience in waterfalls. It was extremely yet exhausting. They served Filipino dishes and was surprised that most of the foreigner guests enjoyed the food as well. D sat down and independently had his lunch just like a five-year-old kid. He enjoyed the falls as well as his food at the same time. The little girl on the other hand was a handful. She sat one me while holding her utensils feeding herself on her own, but what makes me exhausted was the time she wanted to experience the water. She wanted to literally swim and I just won’t let her because of the water current and the slippery floor.
The waterfalls dining.

Filipino food served in banana leaves
D enjoying the water on his own.

They enjoyed the food and had to eat on their own.
  • Museum. Unfortunately taking photos were not allowed inside the premises. They really have nice collections from religious antics to jars, different costumes, wide collection of foreign money and many more!

Museum which looks like a church.
She wants to walk alone but she tried to catch up on us.
  • Bird Watching. When we got tired of roaming around the premises, one personnel offered us coffee and he told us they have wifi provision there. Glad we did because the place was cozy and I like the feeling of the old house which makes me nostalgic. It was perfect area for bird watching and just chitchat. I had cold coffee and soda for J which were shared to the children (well, sort of).
The kids sequestered our drinks and enjoying it on their own.

Evidently the little girl wants all the drinks, holding the soda and iced coffee at the same time.
  • Swimming. At first, I thought pool provision was only for checked in guests but it was open for day tour guests too! As much as we want the kids to swim I couldn’t let them because it was very cold during that time and both of them have colds still.

    View outside of the function hall.
  • Chapel. Their resort is also perfect for wedding if you want to have close to nature ambiance. 
  • Fishing. We weren't able to try fishing because of the yayaless situation. But we would love to try it out when we get back. You are going to pay P100 for a fish and you can ask them to cook it and free of charge! Sounds good right?

  • Philippine Cultural Show. We missed this because we went on a weekday. Maybe when we get back we will be able to watch the cultural show.
View of the Mansions.
Other amenities you can enjoy are playground--which are perfect for the kids, function hall--which are perfect for weddings, family reunions and team buildings. We would definitely go back and at least have an overnight stay maybe during the summer. If you want a paradise away from the busy streets of metro then this is a place to be!

The aftermath. Soaked diapers and dirty leggings.

You may visit their website here.
Facebook page here.


  1. waah Mommy buti di sila super kulit ang insist na magswim sa falls hehe..Grabe lahat ng na share mo namiss ko, dalaga days pako nun so i.can do what i want and go anywhere inside the villa, meron pa ata dyan ung parang hall / reception sa kasal na sight ko kakalakad pero wala gaano ma tao doon medyo malayo na. Tapos mga kubo kubo nila inside near sa may fishing area. Ung fishing lang i didnt try takot ako sa tubig kasi dark baka may crocs haha �� but i enjoyed the pool. Haysss mommy nakakkatuwa kasi enjoy ang kids , may pa carabao na pa welcome pa��..Yun lng tlga no pics inside museum pero ganda sa loob Mommy noh. I wonder lang if kami kaya tapos maging hyper ang 3 kiddos haha! nice one Mommy na enjoy ko.mga share mo at pics☺


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