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Mang Inasal spreads Unli-Saya at Panagbenga 2024

Mang Inasal   treated locals and tourists with a series of Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya activities at the recent Panagbenga Festival 2024 in Baguio City.   The Philippines’ Grill Expert participated in the Fluvial Parade, Cultural Dance Competition, and Grand Float Parade. It will also give away special awards to several Panagbenga competitions this March 3.     Apart from that, Mang Inasal delighted Panagbenga participants with a special dine-in and takeout deal that was the Festival Group Treats; Unli-Sarap, Unli-Saya Caravan which have away free Halo-Halo and Palabok; and the first-ever Mang Inasal Takeout Express Booth that featured offsite grilling of the best-tasting Chicken Inasal.   “It’s our pleasure to bring the Unli-Saya of eating Mang Inasal products to regional festivals like Panagbenga,” expressed Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. “Seeing the public happily enjoying their Ihaw-Sarap meals especially our Chicken Inasal and even our Halo-Halo and Palabok are simple pleasure

Life's A Beach

I almost forgot to blog about our post summer mini adventure at the beach. Even though it was a short vacation I must say I enjoyed it and looking forward again to go back there, during the holidays perhaps? We’ll see then depends on J's schedule.

She fell asleep en route the beach
Anyway, last summer we weren’t able to go to the beach due to several unavoidable reasons. So we really made sure that when we go on our short vacay we should visit the beach and

My original plan was to go to Caramoan Islands but since mom suggested for the newly opened wave pool few kilometers from our house, my plan was now in deep trouble. J and I wanted to hit the beach since it will be the first time for the kids and it’s been years already that we haven’t been to.

Food c/o Mom. 
We tried to consider a lot of options since our back up plan wasn’t in any way possible. The private beach resort we were considering owned by a family friend politician was in a hot spot as of the moment so there was no way we can be accommodated. 

There are a lot of beaches to consider but according to my pessimistic father, it is sorrounded by muggers and it is dangerous to go near those places still. It was a good thing my aunt suggested somewhere in Sangnay, a beach resort near their property so they can endorse us to the resort owners. Wow, just like that, problem solved! Now, all I have to worry is what to bring on our beach adventure. I really miss being home because I have mom to help me worry about it and prepare all our stuff without having to miss anything and she's like a living checklist for me!

Come Saturday morning and we were all in a hurry to prepare and load the car with all our stuff. Drove to Sangnay and drop by my uncle's ancestral house in Tigaon. We were riding in convoy and endorsed us to the beach resort owner. The resort is not much of an attraction but it was at least a realization for our beach deprivation and desire to make the kids experience real salty beach water. 

Now lies a big problem. All the while I thought my bags were properly packed and carried all our stuff then the sunblock went missing! Now, I couldn’t frustrate my son by not letting him swim and enjoy the salty water just because the sunblock went missing. So I just asked him to wear the lifeguard jacket at least for a little protection because it was really scorching hot that time. Whew.

D was raving already to go to the shore even if he hasn’t finished his food yet. Excited he was, he went with J and my niece and experienced the sand and salty water. Oh I couldn’t buy anything to replace the joy from my son’s face. It was pure bliss.

Meanwhile, my little girl and I went to the shore shortly after D and J. That’s when I discovered something funny about her. I tried to put some sand on her feet but she started removing it and she started crying. She didn’t like the sand. Not even a touch of it. She just cringed on me while J and I switch places to cuddle her while we were in the salty water.

Shortly after she didn’t remember the texture of the sand touching her feet she began running along the shoreline. She tried to enjoy the water splashing her feet. Ironic it may seem but I really can’t explain and decipher the attitude. Please don’t point those fingers on me. It’s 80% paternal and 20% maternal genes. Enough said.

Caption this.
But the next minute, she already enjoyed the water.

After seeing the little boy’s skin toasted from the sun’s scorching heat, I let him play on the sand and asked him to munch on some nuts. It was definitely hard to encourage him to get out of the water. It was already a mixture of grumpiness and exhaustion but his energy still calls for it. 

As expected from small resorts from the provinces, it wasn’t equipped with proper facilities including water facility. So there was only one maintenance personnel who went to supply us water using the deep well. But despite it, everyone of us had so much fun. 

View of the Atulayan Island

Majestic view of Mt. Isarog on our way home.
I am to proud to practice Breeze's campaign on being a #SigeMom to let the kids experience nature at it's finest. 

Focus on the journey not the destination. Joy is not found in finishing an activity but in doing it. - Greg Anderson


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