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Mang Inasal is the Philippines’ Halo-Halo Destination this summer!

Customers flocked to  Mang Inasal  stores nationwide to celebrate the Twitter-trending National Halo-Halo Blowout that gave away ₱20 discount for Extra Creamy Halo-Halo Small Size.   "We are happy to be the country's Halo-Halo destination especially this summer when we see a lot of customers – young and old – enjoying our Extra Creamy Halo-Halo anytime of the day," shared Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. "And as our level up treat, Mang Inasal will be having a delivery edition of our National Halo-Halo Blowout soon plus a Level Up Sarap Halo-Halo Caravan nationwide." Leading the halo-halo lovers who flocked to Mang Inasal stores were Mang Inasal endorsers Dimples Romana, who visited Ayala Malls Manila Bay and Jane de Leon who made customers happy at Market! Market! Taguig. Melai Cantiveros also joined the National Halo-Halo Blowout at Robinsons Malabon, while Bisaya Squad dropped by at SM City Seaside Cebu.  The  National Halo-Halo Blowout's  ₱20 off on

Innovative Baby Monitor

For the past three years that I have been a mom, I can say that it has given me a lot of lessons that I had pondered and bittersweet memories a lifetime to cherish. Motherhood is not a walk in the park I must say, my tots gave me the most challenging role I ever did in my life but here I am still surviving and moving on.

Now, they’re both toddlers and full of energy that ran around our humble abode. Both of them are developing individual personalities and showing each funny moment that we enjoy. Every day with them is both fun and physical exhaustion. I am not saying that I remorse the fact but I am not a hypocrite for saying that I don’t get tired. Everyday is challenging yet fun. I am a proactive mom that I let them be on their own, support their independence and different choices even if they are just small while exploring their world. But I am a SAHM without extra help. I have to do the chores, cook decent food for them and take care of them all at the same time every single day.

Despite them being rambunctious, I have to ensure their safety as well. After the long months that they are inside my tummy doing somersault I thought that I could give them all the protection and for my peace of mind as well. They have to be individual independents somehow.

Having a nanny would be my last resort as I have shared my piece of horror nanny stories also. I have given up the idea of it, as I would like to embrace the fact that I will be a full time mom to my kids. In doing this, I would also welcome something that would help me keep my eyes on my kids even in their deep sleep.

I remember the time when we considered of getting a monitor but it was very limited to audio only and even I can hear the sound of their teeny tiny footsteps than the monitor so we abolished the idea of getting one. I am glad I have come across a product, which is so innovative, the Baby Vision. This product has exceeded every expectation I had for a baby monitor being sold in the market. It was first introduced in the Mom and Me event but I wasn’t able to pay much of attention with regards to the details of the specifications.

Let me share with you why I gave it two thumbs up.
Key features:

Two-way intercom. Even if you are anywhere your kids can feel your presence by speaking in the intercom and vice versa.

Plug and play. It can be done anywhere and everywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. The convenience it gives that you can bring the gadget anywhere you want to monitor your children is a plus point for me.

Horizontal/Vertical Tilt. The camera monitor can be moved horizontally and vertically depending on the person monitoring. So there is no visual limitation to the broadcast.

Can connect up to five devices. For IOS and android users they can download into their gadgets the app p2p so they will be able to use their gadgets to monitor the kids. It can also be used by windows based laptop. Cool isn’t it?

View from anywhere via LAN/Wifi/3g. You can monitor your kids anywhere you want it in your own comfort as long as you have internet connection. Planned on a date night or out of town? No worries, you can still view them using your gadgets at your own comfort. Less worry, less wrinkles.

Added features:

Night vision. This is another plus factor for me as I trained my toddlers to sleep on their own, lights off. In doing so, it’s so hard for me to sneak in their room everytime to check if they have already fallen asleep. This is a great help for me also.

Mountable anywhere. You can even bring it to your neighbor’s house if you decide to have a playdate with other kids under a nanny’s supervision so as long as there is Internet connection.

Has a card slot that record videos. If you are going somewhere else and you wouldn’t want to miss a single milestone of your child this is one feature that lets you do that. You can also see how your child behaves without you because I know my child behaves differently without me.

Motion Sensor. The device will alarm depending on the sensitivity you have set the device to ensure that your kids safety as well.

If you want to know more about the device you may check their website here.
Follow them on facebook here.
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